The National French Honor Society



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       Board Member Duties


The president shall effectively and efficiently supervise and control the activities of the organization. He or she shall be vested the right to present the views and policies of the organization. The president shall keep and effective working relation between the organization and the University. He or she shall consult the other officers before making a decision.


The vice-president shall be vested the rights, responsibilities, and the authority of the president in the absence of the latter. He or she shall automatically assume the presidency if the president fails to perform his duties for any reason.


The secretary shall keep a record of all meetings, copy of correspondences, agreements, contracts, reports, by-laws of the constitution of the organization, articles of amendments of any forgoing. The secretary shall also keep an updated list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the members of the organization. He or she shall type the minutes and give to the president as soon as possible before the next meeting. The secretary shall confer with the president for possible omissions, and also perform all other clerical and secretarial responsibilities as required by the organization.


The treasurer shall head the planning and fund-raising committees. He or she shall be responsible for the annual financial report of the organization. Along with the president, the treasurer shall sign all checks, notes, and order of payment unless otherwise required by the school or this constitution. He or she shall be aware of all Club Creole's common sources of funding, routine banking transactions and budgeting. The treasurer shall be prepared to provide a quarterly financial statement to the organization at regular meetings and to the University upon request.

Public Relations

The purpose of those engaged in public relations work shall be to serve as a connection between the organization and its environment. They shall effectively disseminate and communicate all information pertaining of the organization to the public; confidential information shall not be disclosed to the public unless required by law and/or the University. The members of the organization who take the responsibility of public relations shall monitor public opinion and gather feedback about the organization so that corrective actions can be taken.


This Web Site is maintained by Chapter Lambda Chi. It is not officially recognized by the Pi Delta Phi Honor Society. It is a source of information for the Chapter's members and for those who surf the net. If you have questions about the Honor Society, the Chapter will be glad to answer them for you or to refer you to someone who can.

Last edited 03/12/2003