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Broadly defined, this program is a significant expansion of the traditional Humanities curriculum. In addition to canonical texts, the curriculum is focused on a broad range of perspectives and theories. It thus offers the inquisitive undergraduate an opportunity critically to examine her/his culture and fully to appreciate human diversity. This is accomplished through a thorough examination of both contemporary and traditional artifacts. The program also offers exposure to traditionally suppressed voices, such as those of women and non-Western peoples.

Below are overviews of the main courses within this curriculum, as well as links related to the subject matter of both the individual courses and the Program as a whole. Further information regarding the Humanities major, the Department of Philosophy, and the College of Arts and Sciences can be found at the CAS Home Page. For questions regarding the Critical Theory/Cultural Studies Program, please contact Dr. Daniel White. Please give us your comments, questions, and criticisms regarding this web site here.


Asian Humanities

Critical Theory I

Critical Theory II

Sex, Gender, and Philosophy

Multicultural Humanistic Traditions(formerly Western Humanities)


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