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What is The Holmes Partnership?

A network of universities, schools, community agencies, and national professional organizations working in partnership to create high quality professional development and significant school renewal to improve teaching and learning for all children.

GOAL 1: High Quality Professional Preparation

Provide exemplary professional preparation and development programs for public school educators. These programs must demonstrate rigor and innovation and attend to the needs and build on the strengths of diverse children and youth. Program design, content, and delivery must reflect research and best practice.

GOAL 2: Simultaneous Renewal

Engage in the simultaneous renewal of public K-12 schools and the education of beginning and experienced educators by establishing strong partnerships of universities, schools, and professional organizations and associations.

GOAL 3: Equity, Diversity, and Cultural Competence

Actively work on equity, diversity, and cultural competence in the programs of K-12 schools, higher education, and the education profession by recruiting, preparing, and sustaining faculty and students who reflect and deeply understand the implications of the rich diversity of cultural perspectives in this country and our global community.

Goal 4: Scholarly Inquiry and Programs of Research

Conduct and disseminate educational research and engage in other scholarly activities that advance knowledge, improve teaching and learning for all children and youth, inform the preparation and development of educators, and influence educational policy and practice.

Goal 5: School and University-Based Faculty Development

Provide high quality doctoral programs for the future education professoriate and for advanced professional development of school-based educators. Redesign the work of both university and school faculty to enable accomplishment of The Holmes Partnership goals--better preparing educators in improving learning for children and youth. Promote conditions that recognize and reward education professionals who better serve the needs of all learners.

Goal 6: Policy Initiation

Engage in policy analysis and development related to public K-12 schools and the preparation of educators. Advocate policies that improve teaching and learning for all students, promote school improvement, and enhance the preparation and continuing professional development of all educators.


The origins of The Holmes Partnership are in the Holmes Group, a consortium of 96 research universities with professional education programs that began a decade ago as a response to disturbing trends in the immediate 'Nation at Risk' reform climate.

The members of the Holmes Group saw two general lines of attack on the problem:

  1. Strengthening the connections of schools of education to the rest of the university, particularly to the colleges of arts and sciences.
  2. Strengthening the links with allies and partners in the profession
    itself--teachers, specialists, administrators, and their representatives.

The group set out to change the way teachers were educated, help construct a true profession of teaching, cooperate with school people in inquiry that transforms the schools, and restructure colleges of education to achieve these ends. In May 1986, the group published Tomorrow's Teachers, which set forth their vision of good teaching, analyzed the obstacles to attaining it, and recommended an agenda of actions to address five goals:

  1. Make teaching intellectually sound.
  2. Recognize differences in teachers' knowledge, skill, and commitment.
  3. Create relevant and intellectually defensible standards of entry into teaching.
  4. Connect schools of education to the schools.
  5. Make schools better places for practicing teachers to work and learn.

The members of the Holmes Group, after a decade of making uneven progress in the reform of teacher education, learned that schools of education cannot bring about the changes they seek by themselves. Initially, they saw that many of the weaknesses in teacher education could be addressed by strengthening the links between the faculty in the school of education and the faculty in the rest of the university. The reform of the schools of education, however, requires more than that, and the invention of the professional development schools (PDS) has made it clear that the links to the fields of professional practice need strengthening also.

A year after the publication of Tomorrow's Schools of Education in 1995, the Holmes Group joined with:

  • American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  • American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
  • National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA)
  • National Staff Development Council (NSDC)

    From these mergers, a new organization--The Holmes Partnership--was created to advance a reform agenda for the education of professionals who work in the schools. In January, 1996, the members of the Holmes Group made the necessary changes in their bylaws to form the new organization, which is dedicated to accomplishing the goals the Holmes Group announced in its three books, Tomorrow's Teachers (1986), Tomorrow's Schools (1990), and Tomorrow's Schools of Education (1995). The members of The Holmes Partnership were to include universities, schools, and professional organizations.


Professional Development School Membership Committee: The UCF/OSC site sponsor and one representative of each partnership site will serve on this committee. This committee will be charged with discussing/examining issues related to being a partnership site.

Research and Evaluation Committee: This committee is charged with ongoing reflection on evaluation, research, assessment, documentation, and contributions to the professional knowledge base. In addition to this, the committee is responsible for identifying best practices reported in the professional literature. This committee will also be responsible for working with PDS teachers and university faculty associated with the PDS to identify research topics and research agendas for the PDS. Work will be aligned to teacher and student needs and outcomes.

Quality Preparation and Professional Development Committee: This committee is charged with developing a coherent program that includes extended and ongoing clinical experiences; a strong curriculum base; mentoring and support for preservice teachers; and professional development for PDS, OSC, and university educators.

UCF/OSC Holmes Partnership Expansion Site Membership Committee: This committee is responsible for establishing selection criteria (invitations to apply, affiliated membership, full membership), reviewing applications, and making recommendations to the UCF/OSC Holmes Partnership Executive Council. Requests for participation are made to the Expansion Site Membership Committee.


Executive Committee

  • Mr. Michael Allen, Assistant Principal,
    Horizon Middle School (Osceola Co)
  • Ms. Judi Brent, Holmes Scholar
    University of Central Florida
  • Mr. Torrence Broxton, Principal,
    Palm Terrace Elementary School (Volusia Co)
  • Dr. Patricia Crawford
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Lee Cross, Site Coordinator, Discovery Middle School
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Dan Ezell, Site Coordinator, Enterprise School
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Gloria Fernandez, Assistant Principal
    Discovery Middle School (Orange Co)
  • Dr. Marci Greene
    Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Dr. Al Holcomb, College of Arts and Sciences,
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Jeff Kaplan
    University of Central Florida
  • Ms. Muthoni Kimemia, Holmes Scholar
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell, Site Coordinator, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
    University of Central Florida
  • Ms. Terry Lee, Principal,
    Enterprise Elementary School (Brevard Co)
  • Donna Leinsing, Executive Director,
    Academy for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Judy Luckett, Department of Educational Studies,
    University of Central Florida
  • Ms. Robbie McNabb, Principal,
    Dommerich Elementary School (Orange Co)
  • Ms. Michelle Mitcham-Smith, Holmes Scholar
    University of Central Florida
  • Ms. Anjani Mohabir, Math/Science Specialist,
    Goldsboro Elementary School (Seminole Co)
  • Dr. Allison Morrison-Shetlar
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Vincent Mumford, Holmes Alumnus,
    University of Central Florida
  • Ms. Penny Noyer, Principal
    Horizon Middle School (Osceola Co)
  • Ms. Sherry O'Leary, Principal,
    Goldsboro Elementary School (Seminole Co)
  • Mr. Derrick Osso, Director of Education
    Orlando Science Center
  • Dr. Cynthia Pearl
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Jennifer Platt, Associate Dean, College of Education,
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Kerry Purmensky
    University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Mike Robinson
    University of Central Florida
  • Mrs. Carol Roddenberry, Principal
    Christa McAuliffe Elementary School (Brevard Co)
  • Ms. Suzanne Snow
    Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School (Seminole Co)
  • Ms. Susan Storch, Principal
    Discovery Middle School (Orange Co)
  • Ms. Paige Tracy, Principal
    Arbor Ridge School (Orange Co)
  • Dr. Carolyn Walker-Hopp, Director of Clinical Experiences, Holmes Alumna
    Chair, Holmes Partnership Executive Council
  • Ms. Willette Young, Holmes Scholar
    University of Central Florida

Contributions of UCF/OSC Holmes Partners

What the Orlando Science Center contributes

  • Teacher Leadership Center pass for PDS school faculty, administration and interns
  • Staff development opportunities
  • Free admittance to OSC exhibits
  • Invitations to Open Houses and other special events
  • Access to Teacher Leadership Center's Resource Lab
  • Partner rater for field trips, Discovery labs, and CineDome large format films
  • Opportunity to work with OSC to pilot new materials and programs
  • Research opportunities
  • Opportunities to present with Orlando Science Center representatives

    What the University of Central Florida contributes

  • Interaction with professors on school site and on university campus
  • Research opportunities
  • School site staff development
  • Opportunities to present with university faculty at local, state, and national conventions
  • Graduate level degree opportunities for teachers
  • Tuition reduction for university classes
  • More involvement in university coursework
  • Opportunity to become a UCF site coordinator

    What the PDS contributes

  • Opportunities to collaborate with teachers
  • Clinical settings for university interns
  • Opportunities for action research
  • Exciting work environment
  • Numerous opportunities for training, staff development, and sharing best practices
  • Opportunities to work with students
  • Partnership grant opportunities
  • Collaboration of schools within the Holmes network
  • PDS site visits to see innovative practices
  • Renewal resulting from having and working with interns
  • Sharing of research
  • Empowerment of teachers
  • Benefits to children
  • Invitation to Holmes Partnership annual conference
  • Eligibility for Holmes fellowships and scholarships
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