Harry S. Coverston


                                                                                                            227 Psychology Building                    (407) 823-2904

                                                                                                            University of Central Florida               hcoverst@mail.ucf.edu

                                                                                                            Orlando, FL 32816-1352







Ph.D., Religion, Florida State University (December 2000)

Emphasis: Religion, Law and Society

Dissertation: Religious Ideation and Capital Practice:

                        A Study of the Florida Legislature


Juris Doctor, University of Florida College of Law (May 1981)

            Emphasis: Public Law/Civil Rights


            Master of Divinity, Church Divinity School of the Pacific

            (Graduate Theological Union) Berkeley, California (May 1995)

                        Emphasis: Religion and Society (Ethics/Sociology)


Bachelor of Arts, University of Florida (May 1976)

            Majors: History/Secondary Education

            Minors: Political Science, Journalism


Associate of Arts, Lake-Sumter Community College, Leesburg, FL (May 1973)




·         First in class, Episcopal General Ordination Examination, 1995

·         Honors, Appellate Advocacy, UF College of Law, 1980

·         Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1976

·         Florida Blue Key Leadership Honorary, 1975-81

·         Outstanding Male Graduate, L-SCC 1973

·         Phi Theta Kappa Junior College Scholastic Honorary, 1973

·         Who's Who in American Junior Colleges, 1973





University of Central Florida: Permanent Instructor - Current; Visiting Instructor, 2003 - 2007

            Courses Taught:

·         Philosophy of Law, PHI 3400

·         Encountering the Humanities, HUM 2020

·         Humanistic Tradition I, HUM 2211; and II, HUM 2230 (incl. Honors, online sections)

·         Contemporary Humanities, HUM 3252

·         Modern Humanities, HUM 3255

·         Contemporary Multicultural Studies, HUM 3320

·         Latin American Humanities, HUM 3460

·         World Religions, REL 2300 (Honors Section)

·         Death to Dust, REL 3930H (honors course team taught with Anthropology)

·         Civil Practice and Procedure, PLA 3201 (Fall 1987)


Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2008-2009

Humanities Curriculum Committee

Religious Studies Curriculum Committee

Latin American Area Studies faculty


Valencia Community College: Adjunct 1983-90; Full-time 1990-1, 1999-2002

Courses Taught:

·         Introduction to Humanities, HUM 1020

·         Latin American Humanities (Gordon Rule), HUM 2461

·         Twentieth Century Humanities (Gordon Rule), HUM 2250

·         Enlightenment/Romanticism Humanities (Gordon Rule) HUM 2234

·         Critical Thinking/Ethics, PHI 2604

·         Understanding Religious Traditions, REL 2000

·         Introductory Philosophy, PHI 2010

·         Introductory Sociology, SYG 2000

·         U.S. Government I, POS 1041


Campus Representative: College wide Faculty Association (Senate);

Humanities Advising Scholar, Clemente Course (humanities for homeless project);

First Runner up, Professor of the Year, Osceola Campus VCC 2002


University of Phoenix (Orlando): Adjunct 1998 - 1999

Courses Taught:

·         Religious Traditions I & II (Western, Eastern), REL 333

·         Critical Thinking, PHL 251


Florida State University: Teaching Assistant, 1996-8

Courses Taught:

·         Religion in America (Gordon Rule), REL 2120


Tallahassee Community College: Adjunct 1996-1998

Courses Taught:

·         U.S. Constitution, POS 1041


Indian River Community College: Adjunct, 1981-3

Courses Taught:

·         Introduction to Legal Assistance, PLA 2003

·         Real Estate and Property Law, PLA 1504

·         Legal Research and Writing I, PLA 1104




Book Review: "Deep in Our Hearts, Nine White Women in the Civil Rights Movement," Turning Wheel: The Journal of Socially Engaged Buddhism, Winter 2002, p. 40.


Book Review: "Going to heaven: the life and election of Bishop Gene Robinson" in Review of Religious Research, 48:3 March 2007, pp. 332-333.


Book Review: "Last Rites, The End of the Church of England," in Review of Religious Research, 48:4 June 2007, pp. 442-443   


Commentary on Nancy Nicol’s “Politics of the Heart: Recognition of Homoparental Families,” Florida Philosophical Review, Vol. III, No., Summer 2008, pp. 164-169.   


Book Review: “Conversion of a Continent: Contemporary Religious Change in Latin America  Review of Religious Research, 50:2 Dec. 2008, pp. 241-242


"Evangelical Cartoons, the Good and the Bad," peer reviewed chapter in Dominic Janes, ed., Selling Jesus, Visual Culture and the Marketing of Christianity (Washington, DC: New Academia Publishing, 2008)




"100 Years of Frida: The Life and Work of Frida Kahlo"

 Philosophy Department Colloquium

October, 2007


"Religious and Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research"

UCF Undergraduate Research Week Panel Presentation

April, 2007


"When Medical Science Outpaces Moral Judgment - Healthcare and Ethics in an Age of Technopoly"

Healthcare Disparity at the End of Life: Not All Things are Equal

4th Annual Ethics Symposium on End-of-Life Decisions

April 2007 (UCF)


"Religion, Sexuality and Science"

 Florida Humanities Council

February 2007 (Lake Worth, FL)


" Rites of Passage, Saying Goodbye, Celebrating Life"

Values to Keep: Choosing the Best at the End of Life, 3d Annual Ethics Symposium on End-of-Life Decisions
April 2006 (UCF)


"Talking Past Each Other: The Struggle Within ECUSA Over Sexual Orientation"

NEXUS: Religion and Nation Conference

April 2006 (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)


“Ears to Hear? Who is my Neighbor? Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Reasoning and Preaching” Westar Institute Fall Meeting

October 2005 (Santa Rosa, CA)


“The Ethics of Torture”

Guest Speaker, Valencia Community College Amnesty International Chapter

September 2005 (East Campus, Orlando)


"Talking Past Each Other: The Struggle Within ECUSA Over Sexual Orientation"

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, National Convention

March 1997 (San Diego)


"The Holocaust and the Polemics of the Gospels"

Religious Speech Communication Association, National Conference,

November 1996 (San Diego)







Prime Time Family Reading Program

Florida Humanities Council Scholar

Edgewater Branch Library, Orlando February 2009

Downtown Branch Library, Orlando October 2009


Prime Time Family Reading Program

Florida Humanities Council Scholar

Florida Humanities Council Annual State Meeting

Jan. 30, 2008 (Orlando, FL)


“Humanities in the Caribbean”

Florida Humanities Council Scholar

Tavares Public Library

Sept. 2008 – current


“Giving” – Civic Reflections Project

American Lung Association Annual Meeting

Florida Humanities Council Scholar

Dec. 17, 2008 (Orlando, FL)


"Philosophical Issues in Mexico, 2007"

Address, Winter Park Philosophy Club

December, 2007           


"Talking Justice"  - Civic Reflections Project

Florida Humanities Council Scholar

Americorps - Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation

February-April 2006  (Melbourne, FL)


"Reading the Election as Text"

Panel Member, University of Central Florida Philosophy Department

November 2004


"Cracking the (Da Vinci) Code"

Sigma Tau Delta (English Honorary) Presentation

September 2004 (UCF)


"Religion and Philosophy in Latin America"

Consultant, National Endowment of the Humanities Summer Conference,

Latin American Humanities

Summer 2003 (Valencia Community College, Osceola Campus)





Guest Speaker

The Moveable Feast, Orlando

Oct. 2007


Guest Speaker

University Unitarian Fellowship (Orlando)

 Oct. 28, 2007 and May 25, 2008

Retreat Director

Third Order Society of St. Francis

St. Leo Abbey, Florida

February 16-18, 2008


Convocation Director

Third Order Society of St. Francis

Ignatius House, Atlanta, GA

May 21-23, 2009







Contributing Editor, Henry Sayre, The Humanities: Culture, Continuity and Change, (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2008)




Professional Advisory Group, Clinical Pastoral Education Program, Orlando Regional Medical Center (2008-9)


Campus Wide


Advisory Committee, Brown v. Board at 50, UCF Common Theme (2004-5)


General Education Program Assessment, Coordinator, Humanistic Traditions (2005 - Current)


Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Faculty Advisor (2008 – Current)


Students Against Slavery, Faculty Advisor (2009 – Current)




Curriculum Committee, Humanities (Current)

Curriculum Committee, Religious Studies (Current) 




Doctoral Dissertations


Bruce Sabin, “A Faith-Based Program Evaluation: Moral Development of Seminary Students at the Louisiana State Penitentiary” Educational Doctorate Dissertation (2006)


Honors in the Major Theses


Dan Razzano, “A Comparison: The Motives and Practices of Western and Massai Culture,” Honors in the Major Thesis, Humanities, Chair (2007) 


Kimberly Bevis, “A Christian Nation? Evaluating the Claims of the Religious Right” Honors in the Major, Religious Studies (2005)


Matthew Fisk, “Paradoxes of the American Megachurch,” Honors in the Major, Religious Studies (2006)


Amy Lawton, “Blaming the Victim: Patriarchal Anthropology and Legal Culpability,” Honors in the Major, Interdisciplinary Studies (2007)


Michael Jahoski, Alexander the Great: Anointed with Lightning, Honors in the Major, Humanities  (2008)


Thomas Gillan, “Reconciling Irreconcilables: The American Middle Way from the Puritans to Tocqueville,” Honors in the Major, History (2008)


Miriam Gabriel, “Peace – Revisiting the Philosophical Ideal and Disentangling its Reality as

Common Consciousness and Fruitful Praxis,” Honors in the Major, Humanities (2009)

Meghan Peck, “Frida Kahlo: The Woman in the Wake of Postmodernism,” Honors in the Major, Humanities (2009)





·         Associate Fellow, Westar Institute

·         Member, American Academy of Religion

·         Member, Society for Scientific Study of Religion

·         Member, Religious Research Association

·         Member, Florida Bar (inactive status)

·         Ordained Priest, Episcopal Church USA (inactive status)

·         Qualified Administrator/Interpreter, MBTI  (CAPT)






Legal Practice:

·         Coverston & Poole, P.A. (Orlando), 1988-90

            General Practice, specializing in Juvenile law

·         Assistant Public Defender (Orlando), 1986-88

            Juvenile and Mental Health Division

·         Florida Rural Legal Services (Belle Glade), 1983

            Landlord/tenant, public entitlements



·         LBJ Congressional Intern, Washington, D.C., Summer 1977

·         Diocese of Panama Seminarian Internship, Summer 1993

·         International Elections Observer, El Salvador, 1994




Education and the Humanities, LBGT justice issues, Stages of moral/faith development (Kohlberg, Gilligan, Rest, Fowler, Beck, Wilber); Latin American Humanities; Liberation theology; Capital punishment attitudes and religious correlates;  Ethics and Torture and Genocide; Religion in America; Religion in the 21st Century; Juergen Habermas/Frankfurt School; Holocaust studies