LESSON: The Body Systems Game


Students will:





    • Their song is to be from eight to ten lines in length.
    • An example of lyrics may go:

The nervous system has a brain.
If I touch something sharp, Iíll feel the pain
Hot and cold, soft and rough.
When my nervous system is healthy, I sure am tough.

Have each group present its song.

    • Use the information with the class to review facts about the care of the different body systems.


  • Play the game again but, this time, make sure students have different cards. Compare the length of time it took for students to guess what was on their backs and get into groups the second time you did this activity with the first time. Assess how ac curate the students were in selecting into groups. This will give you the opportunity to determine how familiar students are with the different body parts and the body systems to which they belong. Additionally, you can also assign students another body system. Have them write at least five facts about that body system and include at least one way to care for that body system.
  • Multiple choice questions can be developed to assess the studentsí knowledge of the body systems and parts.
  • Have the students verbally define the body systems and state the parts of the systems.
  • Have the students present the songs that they created/composed. Assess the students on their ability to follow the song/lyric guidelines.


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