Personal Philosophy Statement

     My personal philosophy of life is to be kind, generous, helpful, and honest. My personality is best suited for the profession of counseling and teaching. I love to work with people and help others grow and develop into the people they choose to be in their lives. I believe people have the innate abilities to succeed if they can remove the obstacles to their growth. Fear, anxiety, and depression are crippling influences in the normal pattern of development for people. Life is about growing, changing, and continually trying to find out who one is in their lives. Life is mysterious, intriguing, scary, and at times meaningless. These contradictory qualities of life make it unsettling and ambiguous. Nevertheless, change and progress speed forward. The rudder in my life while we are proceeding forward seems to be the self actualization of people and trying to help them through the wisdom I have gained over my life. I see myself more as a mentor to the young than anything else. I love to take the energy of people around me and channel it to the next step in their existence.

     Another important tenet of my philosophy is focusing on the importance of my family. I believe it is our duty to raise healthy happy children in an environment of a healthy marriage. I have grown, struggled, and been very joyful in my marriage. I believe a relationship commitment is one of the most important elements to have in ones live to fulfill the growth process. Living with someone else through love and hate is one of the most powerful teachers in life.

     Finding what one loves in life in terms of work and a committed partner are important elements of living the good life. Freud said the task of the individual are to resolve the questions in two areas: love and work. I would agree that spiritual fulfillment comes from being happy in both domains.

     The spiritual or transpersonal element is crucial to my mission or philosophy of life. Without a connection to something bigger than ourselves we are nothing. Being connected to the mysteries of the universe, wondering what we are here for, and deciding for ourselves what holds us together are as important as anything else in life. After all we are only  here for a short period of time. I wonder what lies beyond and whether we are able to hold on to the threads of uncertainty yet see the connections in why things happen to us and for what reasons. My sense of spirituality is the notion of evolution of self and we are always moving toward some greater fulfillment of purpose. Things happen for a reason because we meet our destiny half way in the way we pursue our existence.