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Fall 1999

ACG 2071 - Principles of Managerial Accounting

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Prerequisite: Sophomore standing, ACG 2021 and MAC 1104 or equivalent.

Description: The objective of this class is to thoroughly familiarize the student with the various uses of accounting information for product costing and inventory valuation, business planning and control, and management decision support.

Material: Introduction to Management Accounting, 11th Edition, by Horngren, Sundem and Stratton, published by Prentice Hall, 1999. (Study guide and working papers are optional.)

Method of Instruction: Instruction will include lectures, problem solving, and class discussion,

Evaluation: The course grade will be based on examination scores, computer assignment, and Internet assignment. Makeup examinations will not be given. If you miss any exam for medical reasons and can verify your illness with a statement from your doctor or clinic, your final examination grade will count for the missing exam. Missing an exam without an excused absence will result in a zero score for that exam. Missing two examinations will disqualify you from receiving a passing grade in the course. Your grades will be maintained on the WEB CT

WEB-CT Course notes, practice quizzes and your grades are maintained on the WEB CT. To enter WEB CT please go to my home page and click on ACG 2071 WEB CT. Your user name is the first initial of your first name and your last name all written in lower caps. Your password is your first name all in lower caps. (If you first name has only three characters, you need to repeat the last letter twice: i.e. "dan" would be "dann". It is strongly recommended that you change your password during the first time you enter WEB CT for your own protection.


Grading: Maximum Points

Examination 3 (100 points each) 300

Final Exam 100

Individual Computer Assignments-Choose 1 100


Computer Assignment: You are required to complete a computer assignment during the semester. You are expected to be able to create report forms and solve a managerial accounting problem using the computer and an electronic spreadsheet package. The assignment must include "if" "sum" and "npv" functions along with the use of range names.

Homework: Success in any accounting class requires keeping up with the material assigned through an in-depth study of each chapter and the timely completion of the homework exercises, problems, and cases assigned. The material assigned on a particular day should be completed prior to that class period. Time will not be allowed for completion of problems during the class period. There will be only enough time to discuss your problem areas and check your answers.

Important Dates: October 15, 1999 Withdrawal Deadline
November 11 Holiday

November 25 Holiday

Note: No form of academic dishonesty will be tolerated. Cases of academic dishonesty of any type will be dealt with in accordance with the following sections of the University’s publication, The Golden Rule, page 21,

III, A1, 2, 3, 4: III, B1, 2, 2, 4 & 5.


Subject to Change

Weekly Assignment Schedule

ACG 2071 Fall 1999

August 19 Introduction
August 24 Chapter 1 Managerial Accounting & the 

Business Organization 

1-24, 1A2, 1-B1, 1-33 
August 26 Chapter 2 Introduction to Cost Behavior

and Cost-Volume Relationships

2-B1,2-26, 2-29, 2-36, 2A-1, 
August 31 Chapter 2 Continued  
September 2 Chapter 3 Measurement of Cost Behavior  3-25, 3-273-A33-A1
September 7 Chapter 3 Continued   
September 9 Chapter 4 Cost Management Systems and

Activity-Based Costing

4-30, 4-B2, 4-31, 4A1, 4-40
September 14 Chapter 4 Continued   
September 16 Exam 1 Chapters 1-4   
September 21 Chapter 5 Relevant Information and

Decision Making: Marketing Decisions

5-25, 5-A1, 5-B2, 5-B3, 5-26, 5-31, 5-32
September 23 Chapter 5 Continued   
September 28 Chapter 6 Relevant Information and

Decision Making: Production Decisions

6-A2, 6,A4, 6-B3, 6-25, 6-27, 6-26
September 30 Chapter 7 The Master Budget 7-24, 7-26, 7-28, 7-29, 7-32
October 5 Chapter 7 Continued  
October 7 Chapter 8 Flexible Budget and Variance


8-21, 8-22, 9-A3, 8-B2, 8-39, 8-40
October 12 Chapter 8 Continued.   
October 14 Exam 2 Chapter 5-8   
October 19 Chapter 9 Management Control systems and Responsibility Accounting 9-31, 9-38
October 21 Chapter 10 Management Control in Decentralized Organizations  10-A2, 10-A1,10-A3, 10-B3
October 26 Chapter 10 Continued  
October 28 Chapter 11 Capital Budgeting  11-20, 11-33,11-40. 11-42
November 2 Chapter 11 Continued  
November 4 Chapter 12 Product Costing  12-A2,12-A4,12-26,12-24
November 9 Chapter 12 Continued   
November 11 Holiday  
November 16 Exam 3 Chapter 9-12  
November 18 Chapter 13 Job-Costing Systems 13-A3, 13-26, 13-28
November 23 Chapter 14 Process Costing Systems 14-20, 14-25, 14-28, 14-27, 14-A2, 14-38
November 25 Holiday  
November 30 Chapter 14 Continued  
December 2 Review   
December 9 Final Exam (3 hours) 10:00 to 12:50  


Computer Assignment

ACG 2071

You are to solve an accounting problem using a Lotus or Excel spreadsheet software. The objective of the assignment is to (1) help you understand how computers can help solve managerial problems, and (2) ensure your familiarity with spreadsheet software. You will be required to turn in two forms of your solved problem. The first copy will be the numerically solved problem that will be graded on appearance. The second copy should show the formulas used in the computation (Your software should allow you to change the output to formulas). You are allowed to enter the numbers given once and only once into your spreadsheet and are not allowed to copy numbers/names.

Your grade on the computer assignment will be based upon the following breakdown of points:

Appearance 15

Write up of answer 15

Correct answer 20

Entering each number only once 15

Using Range Names 15

Use of spreadsheet functions (i.e.: sum, if,

present value, etc) 20



Any assignment turned in that resembles another will be given a grade of "0".

Function Examples

Excel Lotus

= Sum (A1...A10) + Sum (A1...A10)

= NPV (l1, A10...A16) + NPV (.1, A10, A16)

= IF (X1>X2, X4, X5) +IF(X1>X2, X4,X5)

= C7 + C7

Average (A1..A10) +Average(A1..A10)