Enter RoCs in FilemakerPro

  1. Disable Norton Utilities
    1. On the bottom right-hand corner of the screen is an icon with a red cross. Right click on it.
    2. Click on Disable Auto-Protect
  2. Click on Start, Programs, Old Programs Menu, FilemakerPro
  3. In Open New or Existing File dialog box, click on "hosts."
  4. If Dr. Young's computer is on and FilmakerPro is open, then a Hosts dialog box comes up.
  5. Click on the name of the database that you need to enter your RoCs into (e.g. Spring 2000).
  6. In Password dialog box type <UWC>
  7. In Application Preferences dialog box type your first name and last name.
  8. Click on New Record (orange triangle) at bottom of form.

Sample entries in a FilemakerPro Record

Day: F
Date: 4/28/2000
Time: 11:00 AM
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Perhach
Select: If there is a middle initial
ID #: 15400000
Course Prefix: Pick a 3 letter prefix from drop-down menu
Number: Type in course number
Course Name: Pick Name from drop-down menu
Professor #: Refer to Professor Cross Reference. Two copies are at front desk.
Look for the last name of professor in alphabetical list. Make sure that it is the correct department. (e.g. there are lots of Smiths-- which department?)  The number will look something like SP-2880
Faculty First Name Click in the left hand box and the Name information will appear
Assignment: Final Paper
Due Day: Choose from drop-down menu
Due Date: 4/28/2000
Due Time: 2:00 pm
Writers' Main
Type in what consultant wrote.
Writer Brought: Check boxes
We Discussed: Check boxes
We consulted: Check boxes
Consultant's Name: Click in yellow rectangle for drop-down menu
Your Name: Click on orange rectangle to insert your name
RoC Entered: Enter time and date that you entered RoC.  05/01/00  1:25 PM
New Record Click on "New Record" and information is saved.