Gathering Data from Access Databases Sent from IST

Finding Records in Filemaker Pro

To Integrate FilemakerPro Data with Access Data

Types of Data to Gather

  1. Increase in the number of students helped

  2. Increase in the number of consultations

  3. Increase in the number of professors whose students brought coursework to UWC.

  4. Summer, Fall and Spring databases altogether.

  5. Break down the data into the different colleges.  How many consultations for COHPA? A&S?

  6. Number of graduate students

Get a Count of How Many Times Students Visited and How Many Students Were Helped

  1. Create a Simple Query for SS# in the table that includes the records for the entire year (summer, fall, spring).

  2. Click on Design in that query.

  3. Click on the Sum button (looks like an E and is located on top toolbar).

  4. Create another column by dragging "SSN" from one column to another. There should be two columns for SSN now.

  5. Another row should appear in the Design of the Query.

  6. In one of the columns (doesn't matter which) click on small drop-down menu and turn the column into "Count."

  7. Click on the button underneath "File" (it allows you to view the count).

  8. In the query it will show the number of times that the SS# visited and give a number of records of unique SS#s.  (It has grouped by SS# and counted each record associated with that #).

  9. Save this.

Count How Many Graduate Students Were Served

  1. Create a Query in Design View that includes the "Schedules Details" and the "Student" table and searches the "Grad appointment," Social Security, Professor Last Name, Student First and Last Name fields. The two tables must have a relationship established (e.g. "Student ID")

  2. Under criteria type "yes." This tells the query to find those consultation records which have a check mark in the box for "Is this a graduate consultation?"

  3. Make a column to count (see previous instructions) the number of grads.

  4. Make columns for social security number, student first and last names, and professor last name.

  5. Click the red exclamation point in the Toolbar to run the query.

  6. Print this to find out how many students were served, the number of consultations, and determine where the students came from by finding the colleges in which the professors teach.