Lijia Guo's Home Page

Director, Actuarial Science Program

Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science 
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816   U.S.A.
Office: CCII 101;    Phone: (407) 823-5532;    Fax: (407) 823-3930

General Information

Ph.D. 1991 University of  Cincinnati.
A.S.A. 1993 Associate, Society of Actuaries of North America.
M.A.A.A 1999,  American Academy of Actuaries.



            Research Interests

                            Actuarial Science, Mathematical Finance, and Inverse Problems.  

            AARC 2004 

            Current Projects

            Select Publications


Profesional Activities

            Actuarial Consulting    

  • Health Care Management
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Improving Insurance Product Profitability with Data Mining
  • P&C Rate Making
  •             Speaker of Recent Professional Conferences              

  • Casualty Actuaries of the Souteast Spring Meeting 2005
  • Second International Salford Systems Data Mining Conference 2005
  • Society of Actuaries Living to 100 and Beyond: Survival at Advanced Ages Symposium 2005
  • Society Of Actuaries 2004 Annual Meeting
  • Applied Actuarial Research Conference 2004
  • Society Of Actuaries 2003 Annual Meeting
  • SOA Semianr on Data Mining Techniques and Its Applications in Insurance, September 2003
  • Southeastern Acturies Conference, November 2003
  • Casualty Actuarial Society 2003 Seminar in Ratemkaing
  • Society of Actuaries Spring Meeting 2002
  • Retirement Implicaitons of Demographic and Family at Advanced Ages Symposium 2002
  • Society of Actuaries Living to 100 and Beyond: Survival at Advanced Ages Symposium 2002
  • 2001 Casualty Actuaries Society Loss Reserve Seminar




                Spring 2005            

  • Life Contingency II
  • Practicum in Actuarial Science
  •           Fall  2004             

  • Research Methods in Actuarial Science
  •           Courses Taught             

  • Theory of Interest, Life Contingency I, Life Contingency II, Risk Theory and Decision, Actuarial Models (Stochastic Process, Time Series, MCMC, Simulation), Topics in Actuarial Science, Practicum in Actuarial Sciecne, Research Metrhods in Actuarial Science, Statistics Methods I
  • Mathematics of Finance, Topics in Actuairal Science, Survival Models, Research in Actuarial Science
  • Actuarial Mathematics I, Actuarial Mathematics II, Actuarial Mathematics III, Numerical Analysis, Calculus III

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