As is probably obvious from the title, this site focuses on the Creole literature of the Caribbean. Major authors and their works are presented, in essay form, for knowledge, reflection, and discussion amongst friends or on our message boards. We encourage anyone who has even the faintest interest in this region of the world and its culture to come and explore through its texts. We especially welcome those with no knowledge on this subject to peruse the articles.

The articles are drawn from those written during a Creole Identities course taken in the spring of 2004 with Dr. Léticée (FRW 3930). It is our hope that they provide insight, spark debate, or simply aid in the reading of one of these works. The subject of Creole Identity is an important topic that relates to all humankind.

It is important to note that all of the art used on the site is by a Caribbean artist named Alain Caprice. His website can be visited by clicking here.

So please join us and don’t forget to drop us a line letting us know you were here.

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Disclaimer: The book reports on this site have *not* been edited by the professor and represent solely the opinions of the individual students.