ELD 6248-Instructional Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities


Course Description: Instructional strategies for teaching students with specific learning disabilities to include development, implementation and evaluation of individualized educational plans; specialized approaches for teaching basic skills and adaptation of curriculum and materials.


Instructor:Lee Cross†† e-maillcross@mail.ucf.edu

Telephone:407-823-5477 (O) 407-425-0933 (H)

Office Hours:Tuesday3-6†††† Wednesday(2-4:30) Other hours by appointment



REQUIRED TEXT: Mercer, C.D.(1997).Students with Learning Disabilities.5th Ed.

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey:Prentice Hall.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

A.     Identify basic instructional approaches to reading

B.     Select appropriate interventions using student information and knowledge of the developmental stages of reading

C.     Identify basic levels of learning mathematics concepts and the sequential development of mathematical skills

D.     Select appropriate interventions using student information and knowledge of the sequential development of mathematics

E.      Analyze type of mathematics errors and plan appropriate interventions based on error analysis

F.      Select appropriate spelling instruction using student information

G.     Analyze types of spelling errors and plan appropriate remedial interventions

H.     Identify the components and sequence of development of written expression skills and formulate remediation using student assessment information.

I.        Analyze the types of written expression errors and plan appropriate remedial interventions

J.       Identify age appropriate social skills for individuals and groups

K.    Select interventions for developing appropriate social skills using teacherís observations and assessment data.

L.      Identify age appropriate learning strategies and metacognitive skills for individuals with learning disabilities

M.   Select interventions for developing appropriate strategies and metacognitive skills using student assessment information

N.    Identify and select appropriate specialized techniques using student information in reading, language arts, written expression, mathematics and social skills

O.    Identify and apply effective teaching practices based on finding from empirical studies and research.

P.      Apply teacher-made and commercial materials to match student learning needs

Q.    Modify and adapt curriculum materials and strategies appropriate to student needs

R.     Discuss issues related to the definition and characteristics of students with learning disabilities.

S.      Discuss learning and teaching theories as they related to students with learning disabilities

T.      Identify the medical etiologies and treatment of students with learning disabilities.




1.      Students must pass two-course synthesis. 50 points each

2.      Students will read, summarize, and reflect on 5 current research based journal articles which address the learning problems of students with learning disabilities and a designated strategy, approach, or intervention for remediating the deficit.The articles should address the following areas: reading, spoken language, written expression, mathematics, and social skills.See topical outline for due dates.Format for summaries and reflections are attached. 50 points

3.      Students will identify and adapt 1 strategy on the Internet in reading, written expression, mathematics and social skills for students with learning disabilities (does not have to be research based).See topical outline for due dates.Format for strategies are attached. 40 points

4.      Each student will present a strategy to his/her student colleagues.

5.      Students will interview a student with learning disabilities, a parent of a student with learning disabilities, a special education teacher of students with learning disabilities and a regular educator who has students with learning disabilities in her/his classroom.Formats for interviews will be determined in class.Due 2/9/2000

80 points (20 points each)

6.      Students will develop a case study of a student with learning disabilities which will include: work samples, observational data, an IEP, information from parent, information from student, information from teacher(s), strategies and curriculum being used with the student and other pertinent information.Based on the information acquired, discuss if the interventions are appropriate for the student and make intervention recommendations. Due 4/13/2000100 points

7.      Students will develop a unit for teaching a strategy for students with learning disabilities.Format and description will be provided.Due 4/20/2000 100 points

8.      Students will be expected to read and discuss assigned readings.

8.†† Students will participate in 6 forums on Web-CT and discuss a class-related issue with their assigned peers.Students must have 2 entries for each forum.60 points



Simulations and case studies


Class discussion


Group activities

Class projects






†††††††† Date†††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Topic†† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Assignment



Course overview, Characteristics; Historical Overview; Issues related to definition of learning disabilities

Text Ch. 1 & 2



Approaches to teaching and learning;

Medical aspects of learning disabilities

Text Ch. 3 & 8


Assessment and Educational Services

Text Ch. 5 & 6

Begin Forum 1



Effective Teaching Practices

Chapter 7

Continue Forum 1


Adolescents and Adults

Chapter 10

Begin Forum 2


Language and Communication

Chapter 11

Continue Forum 2

Interviews due

Article on spoken language due.


Synthesis 1

Begin Forum 3



Chapter 13

Continue Forum 3

Article on reading due

Reading strategy due

Begin Forum 4 3/2



Chapter 14

Article on mathematics due

Mathematics strategy due

Continue Forum 4


Spring Break



Mathematics continued

Begin Forum 5



Written Language

Chapter 12

Written language article due

Written language strategy due

Continue Forum 5 3/30

Begin Forum 6†† 4/6


Social Skills

Chapter 15

Article on social skills due

Continue Forum 6

Case Studies due


Strategy Unit presentations

Strategy units due


Synthesis 2