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To access the survey, please visit:
The Survey of Costume Programs is compiled for the Costume Commission of USITT to provide information to the prospective undergraduate and graduate student for choosing a college or university for study of costume design or technology. The survey reports the information provided by the costume program, including the degrees available, names of faculty and staff with their fields of expertise, and the focus of the program with a brief statement of strength. Contact information is provided with Internet links to email and websites where more information may be found. An article on choosing a graduate school is also included in the survey.

On the title page of the Survey you will find a links to articles on "Choosing a Graduate School" and "How To" instructions for using the Survey. There is also a blank "Questionnaire" that may be filled out to electronically submit a revision or to add your school to the Survey.

There is a new alphabetical listing of all the schools represented in the survey. If the school does not offer an MFA degree, there is a shadow notation. If you need to locate a school by region, check the regional index. Within each region the schools are listed by state. The school has provided information including: degrees offered, faculty and staff in the costume design and technology area; the strengths and areas of concentration, for example, patternmaking, design, wigs and hair, or construction; contact information with address and phone. If email information has been given, the dialog box allows you to send a message within the Survey. If schools have provided web sites, these are also linked from the Survey.

The Survey is edited once a year in the spring. A notation appears indicating the last time the Survey entry was revised. Obviously, the information contained in the Survey is helpful only if it is recent. When edited in 2003, 85% of the information was current within two years.

Because the Survey impartially reports the information given in the questionnaire, it is an excellent resource for high school students looking for an undergraduate program, for the undergraduate looking for a graduate program and for the faculty advisor. The information provided is enough to let the student narrow their search. The burden is on the student to filter and access the information.

If your program is not represented by the Survey, you are urged to send your information. For those already represented, you will receive a gentle reminder in the form of an email or letter in January. But, there is no need to wait! Please check your information and email your revisions to Judy Adamson below or use the online blank to send new information. If all the information is correct, please verify that fact so that the date of the last revision will be reflected in the entry.

Judy Adamson