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The Costume Commission's Show and Tell offers a chance to see what other members across the country are doing. This event does not require a major display, a lengthy concept statement, or attendance at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. It is designed to be informal and fun. Essentially, we are all interested in seeing and sharing what our colleagues are doing. The Commission recognizes that everyone is pressed for time when it comes to preparing displays and exhibitions. Consequently, we have endeavored to take the drudgery out of the development and the pressure off the presentation. Anyone who has had a recent production that they are especially proud of, renderings that capture your personal style, or a design solution that was particularly effective is invited to enter their work.

This year's Show and Tell will be presented as a projected DVD concurrent with our poster session. Presenters will be given a copy of the DVD.

Each applicant should send four to seven pictures of recent work that demonstrates your design and techniques. Please include a brief biography and a short description of each image. Images and supporting information must be sent electronically to:

Annaliese M Baker
Assistant Professor of Theatre
California State University, Fresno Theatre Department
5201 N. Maple , SA 46
Fresno, CA 93740-8024
O: 559.278.5110