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Poster Projects and Presenters:

  • Robert W. Haven, Making Shaker Straw Bonnets and Day Caps

  • Carrie Lawrence, The Fast Leather Mask

  • Deanne E. DeWitt, Turn of the Century Military Uniforms for Much Ado in the Style of Mucha

  • Kathleen Gossman, Five Blue Dresses from the Vaughan Collection

  • Richard E. Donnelly, The Design and Construction of Felt Period Costumes for The Mandrake

  • Jane K. Paunicka, Ventilated Wigs for The Mandrake

  • Rebecca Cunningham, Wings for Angels in America

  • Cheri Vasek, Transforming Contemporary Women‚s Jackets into 17th Century Peasant bodices for a production of The Marriage of Figaro

  • Cheri Vasek, Fabric Manipulation Techniques Employed in the Creation of Prospero‚s Magic Robes for a production of The Tempest

  • Rick Tuckett, WWI Uniforms for King Lear

  • Frederick P. Deeben, Building Lightweight yet Durable Crowns and Headpieces.

  • Cynthia Turnbull, Adapt-it Masks for Right You Are if You Think You Are

  • Angela Bacarisse, Leather Masks from Fosshape

  • Angela Bacarisse, Primitive Pleated Silk

  • Kathleen Donnelly, Thermoplastic Helmet and Crown Construction

  • Gail Argetsinger, Foaming at the Mouth: Lips and Mouths on Foam Masks and Heads

  • Tan Huaixiang, Creating Facial Expressions

  • Kristina Tollefson and Tan Huaixiang, Hair Hats: Construction of Female Wigs for The Mikado

  • Kathleen MacKenzie, 16th Century Ottoman Turkish Clothing

  • Gail Kralj, The Fun, Phenomenal Potholder Project

  • Laurie Streble, Silk Dyeing for Costumes