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This is the newest project supported by the Costume Design & Technology Commission and funded through the USITT Commissioner's Fund.

Housed at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the Costume Storage Solutions Database will be a resource for organizations looking for ideas to improve upon their theatrical costume storage operations. The Database will consist of photographs of different storage configurations that will be cross referenced and able to be searched in a variety of ways. In addition to being organized according to the item being stored (shoes, hats, jewelry, type of garment, etc.) photos will be categorized according to size and type of theatrical operation, size of available costume storage space, and a general estimation of the cost of such a storage configuration for that particular item.

It is hoped that a database that contains a wide representation of the various clever storage solutions that have been developed over the years by costumers who deal with many challenges in their storage spaces will help fellow costumers with their own storage challenges.

It is also hoped that such a database will provide a resource for costumers to use when speaking with their institutions about their storage needs. For that reason, we hope to have a wide range of spaces represented in our database all the way from the state of the art spaces that have been built specifically for costume storage to those spaces that we might term a costumer’s “house of horrors”.

We definitely want to hear from you! In order to have a broad-based database, we need to have broad participation. No space is too crowded, too small, or too disorganized – well, at least not for the purposes of our database. In the meantime, any questions about the database project can be sent to

Sherry Harper-McCombs