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Republica Dominican gana la serie del Caribe!!!!!

Information on Dominican Baseball

If you have never been here or heard of this beautiful country, it is a small nation occupying the eastern part of the island Hispaniola in the caribbean, right next to Puerto Rico.The other side of the island is occupied by Haiti.

I grew up in the southeastern part of the island in the town of La Romana and lived in Casa de Campo. Below are pictures of the hotel including villas, rooms and Minitas Beach, brought to you from Caribe.Com.

Kids playing on Minitas Beach

Guests horsebackriding on Minitas Beach.

The pool of one of the beautiful villas.

One of the rooms in the hotel buildings known as "Casita's".
These rooms are spread all over the complex almost all overlooking one of the two championship golf courses and as you can see in this picture a view of the Carribbean.

The capital of the country is Santo Domingo which is located towards the center of the country on the Southern Coast.

The island was one of the islands that Cristopher Columbus landed at on his first voyage in 1492

Here are a few links to information on the Dominican Republic.

General Info

Economic and Trade Data

Internet Service Providers

Travel Information

Dominican News.

Dominicans on the Net


If you are just interested in the caribbean check out Caribe.Com a site with loads of info on the caribbean.

This is my latest addition thanks to Jose Holguin-Veras.
How to make a Dominican Salcocho or as it is commonly known Sancocho

There are actually two Dominican Republic mailing lists called:

Sdomingo, which stands for Santo Domingo the capital of the country. Just send mail to <listserv@enlace.bitnet> with only the message: subscribe sdomingo your name in the body of your message.

Dom-Rep, which is self explanatory. In order to subscribe to this list send mail to <majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu> with the message: suscribe dom-rep in the body of your message.

We now have our own newsgroup soc.culture.dominican-rep. One of the driving forces behind it is Moyce Polanco who has his own Dominican Republic page.

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