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Johann Eyfells

The sculptor instructor at the University of Central Florida, Johann has been affiliated with Orlando since the early 1950's. Originally from Iceland, he represented his native country at the 45th Venice Biennale. Internationally, Eyfells was included in the 9-museum travelling exhibition 'What Nature Provides'. Nationally he was the first place winner at the National Sculpture Competition at the Deland Museum, and locally his Retrospective was at the University of Central Florida's Art Gallery. Eyfells is credited with inventing the word 'Receptualism' when discussing his work.

Eyfells' work deals with the process of materials. Minimal in nature, his art is non-objective and often conceptual in approach. His materials vary between metal, wood, paper, plastic and cloth. Eyfells' objective is to document the interaction between time, space and gravity. Many of his sculptures appear to be lava or geological formations. In Central Florida he is known as the Grandfather of sculpture.

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