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The resources here range further than the traditional topics in philosophy of science to include sites pertaining to ethical issues, sites in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and sites dealing with social issues surrounding science as well.

This site started from Dey Alexander's
Philosophy in Cyberspace, Peter Suber's Guide to Philosophy on the Internet, and Tom Stone'sEpisteme Links, but gathers links from many places. If you think a link should be added to this page, please contact me.

Bruce Janz
Last Revised: 6 September 2007

General Resources

Science News

Philosophy and Specific Sciences



Biology (see also Medicine, Cognitive Science)


Cognitive Science, Neuroscience (see also Psychology)

Computing & Mathematics




Medicine (see also Biology)


Political Science

Psychology (see also Cognitive Science)

Sociology (including Philosophy of Social Science)


Centres, Associations, Programs, Societies

Science and Technology Studies/Social Study of Science Resources

Philosophy of (Natural) Science Courses

Philosophy of Science Topics

General Course Resources

Useful links for examples of scientific practice

What is science?

History of Science

Science and Culture

Science and Religion

Science and Gender

Science and Ethics/Values

Critiques and Limits of Science

Natural Science

Reason and Method in Science





The Nature of Theories

The Metaphysics of Science: Realism vs. anti-realism

Progress? Paradigms?

Science and Pseudo-Science

Philosophy of Social Science

General Resources

Is Social Science Science?

The Explanation of Action

The Understanding of Action

The Problem of Free Will

Philosophy of Social Science Courses

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