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All Websites Listed in Research on Place and Space

See the "General Bibliography" section below for both clickable on-line papers as well as references to publishers' websites

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This page collects all the entries listed under "Websites" in the various subject pages. It does not include URLs (i.e., the links to on-line papers) in the "General Bibliography" on any of those pages.

  1. $.23 Stories.
  2. Ambigutopia.
  3. Association of European Migration Institutions.
  4. Atlas of Canada--Origins of the People, 1901.
  5. An Atlas of Cyberspace.
  6. Analysing Architecture (supplement for Simon Unwin's book of the same name)
  7. Annotate Space - experiential forms of journalism and nonfiction storytelling for use at specific locations.
  8. Anthropology and the Environment.
  9. Anthropology Resources on the Internet.
  10. Architecture + Habitat Anthropology.
  11. ARGUS: Activities and Readings in the Geography of the United States. Basic geographical overview of spatial theory, intended for high school courses.
  12. Art & Design: Spirit and Place. Consensus Design.
  13. Art Investigations (Christopher Tyler)
  14. Atlas of Canada.
  15. Audio and Three Dimensional Sound Links.
  16. Authentic Feng Shui - Thomas Coxon
    1. Feng Shui Resources.
  17. Axiomatics of Spatial Concepts: Formal Specification of Spatial Concepts and Structures with Definitions and Axiomatic Characterizations.
  18. Bergonia - with links to other imaginary places.
  19. Bloggers of Place - listing of weblogs on specific places
  20. BioRegionalism.
  21. The Body is Back: Communication in Cyberspace.
  22. Boundary Language for Architecture, Art, and the Study of Place.
  23. The Bridgeland Repeat Photography Project.
    1. Links to other repeat photography projects.
  24. British Library Map Home Page.
  25. Building a Sense of Place.
  26. Cabbagetown: Replacing Identity.
  27. Canada at Scale--Maps of our History (National Achives of Canada).
  28. Canadian Communities Atlas.
  29. Canadian County Atlas Digital Project.
  30. Canadian Geographic: Mapping.
  31. Cartes géographiques numériques (Bibliothèque nationale du Québec)
  32. Cartography.
  33. *Cartographic Images (Jim Siebold's new site). Includes ancient, mediaeval and Renaissance maps, plus links.
  34. Centre for Migration Studies.
  35. Choragraphy.
  36. Cities and Suburbs links.
  37. Clone Town Britain: The Loss of Local Identity on the Nation's High Streets.
  38. Community, Culture and Environment: A Guide to Understanding a Sense of Place.
  39. The Community Planning Website.
  40. Comprehensive Directory of Migration Links - from the Irish Centre for Migration Studies
  41. Computing and Place Links.
  42. Condorcet: The Education of Progress - the spatialization of knowledge
  43. Craptowns - nominate your town as a craptown. From the Idler.
  44. Cultural Environmental Studies: A Resource Site.
  45. Culture of Cities: Montreal Dublin Toronto Berlin.
  46. The Cyberarts Web: Cyberspace and Critical Theory.
  47. Cyberspace.
  48. Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory.
  49. CyberTextSpace (Karin Wenz)
  50. Definitions of Utopia.
  51. Definitions: Landscape, Ecology, and Landscape Ecology.
  52. Degree Confluence Project - photographing the confluence of longitude and latitude
  53. Dictionary of Imaginary Places - supplement to the Alberto Manguel & Gianni Guadalupi volume of the same name.
  54. Disability and Geography Resource Site.
  55. Discovering a Sense of Place (Northwest Earth Institute)
  56. E-Arcades.
  57. Earth Mysteries.
  58. Ecological Restoration and a Sense of Place (Maryland Sea Grant)
  59. Ecotone: Writing About Place - weblog (wiki) and resources
  60. Elastic Time and Space.
  61. Environmental Psychology.
  62. Environmental Psychology Links.
  63. E-Podunk.com - with a sense of place page.
  64. ERBAtlas - maps related to the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  65. Espace.
  66. Ethnophysiogeography.
  67. European Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Network.
  68. Exeter Mis-Guide.
  69. Familiar Stranger Project (Eric Paulos and Elizabeth Goodman)
  70. Feng Shui Ultimate Resource.
  71. Folkvine.
  72. Garden and Landscape Studies (Dumbarton Oaks)
    1. Garden and Landscape Studies Sites.
  73. Generative Psychogeography.
  74. The Geography of Cyberspace Directory.
  75. Geographic Categories: An Ontological Investigation.
  76. Geography of Fantasy.
  77. Geography Links (DMOZ)
  78. The Geographical Imagination in Whitman and Dickinson.
  79. Geoplace: The Authoritative Resource for Spatial Information.
  80. Geoscape Canada (Natural Resources Canada)
  81. Global Sociology.
  82. Globalization and the Paradoxes of Place.
  83. Globalization Links.
  84. Globalization Links.
  85. Globalization: Threat or Opportunity (IMF document)
  86. The Globalization Website.
  87. Globalization and World Cities.
  88. Glocalization.
  89. Glocalization Links.
  90. Grafedia.net - hyperlinked physical world messages, accessible by email.
  91. Groceteria.net.
  92. Growing Up In Cities (UNESCO Site)
  93. H-Urban Weblinks.
  94. Headmap.org - place, space & mapping in virtual world
  95. Healthy Cities, Urban Theory, and Design: The Power of Jane Jacobs.
  96. Henri Lefebvre Page.
  97. Heterotopia 2002.
  98. Hidden Places. OFFLINE
  99. Historical Atlas of Canada (University of Toronto)
  100. Historical Maps Online.
  101. Historical Utopias. OFFLINE
  102. History of International Migration - with an extensive links page.
  103. House and Home Research: Research Programme in Human Settlement (Cantebury)
  104. Housing Information Gateway (U. Colorado)
  105. HyperGeo.
  106. IAAP: Environmental Psychology.
  107. Ideas in Place (Scott Smiley)
  108. Ideas of Place - film and place
  109. Imaginary and Legendary Places - bibliography
  110. Imaginary Countries.
  111. Imaginary Countries Webring.
  112. Imaginary Places.
  113. Imaginary Places.
  114. Imaginary Places: The Theatre of Memory and Virtual Reality.
  115. Imaging Identity and Place Education Kit.
  116. Imaging Koenigsburg/Kalingrad.
  117. Imagining Place Online.
  118. Implosion: Architectural Anthropology.
  119. Information Place & Space Links.
  120. IP-III - A Project Showing the Intrinsic Space of the Internet.
  121. Irish Centre for Migration Studies.
  122. John R. Borchert Map Library.
  123. The Joy of Architecture: Conveying Our Spirituality With Our Shelters (Will Trout)
  124. Keoz.com Vertical Portal.
  125. Khora.
  126. Late Prehistoric Architecture of the North of Portugal.
  127. League of Historical Cities.
  128. Lefebvre's Trialectic.
  129. Leu Gardens (Orlando) Audio Tour.
  130. Lie of the Land: The Secret Life of Maps (British Library Exhibition)
  131. Literature and Place Website.
  132. Literature of Southern Alberta (Pamela Banting & class)
  133. Localities.
  134. Making Sense of Place (Tom Woods) - consulting and planning to help "make sense of the places in our lives."
  135. Map Collections 1500-2004 (Library of Congress)
  136. *Map History/History of Cartography.
    1. Images of Early Maps.
  137. Mapping Early Modern Worlds.
  138. The Map Room: A Weblog About Maps.
  139. Megacities.
  140. Milkbar.com.au (Craig Bellamy) - a project that seeks to uncover some of the concerns of the local people in Fitzroy; an inner city Australian community. The concerns and themes uncovered are then linked to larger discussions on globalisation.
  141. Mitologies.
  142. Music via Motion.
  143. My Anchorage.
  144. Mysteries Megasite - some sub-pages on holy sites and places
  145. Mysterious Places: Explore Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations.
  146. New Rules: Exploring Community, Mobility, Scale, and Trade.
  147. New Urban Theory (Bo Gronlund) - lecture notes
  148. New Urbanism.
  149. New Urbanism Links.
  150. New Urbanism Quotations.
  151. The Next American City.
  152. Nietzsche: The Problem of Autumn.
  153. Nimíipuu, or Nez Perce Culture.
  154. No Place on Earth: American Utopias.
  155. Non-Places.
  156. Non-Places and Nomadic Learning.
  157. Nomadology.
  158. The Northern Space: Polar Research and the Nordic Nations.
  159. *Odden's Bookmarks.
  160. Off the Map: A Tour of Backyard Paradises Created By Visionary Artists...Around the World.
  161. On-line Map Creation.
  162. On Location: Special Issue of The Chronicle of New Media Arts.
  163. OnePixel Boston - geocaching performance mapping
  164. Openguides - wiki style guides of various cities, written by those from the city. The most developed is London.
  165. Pack Up and Go! Animating The Space In-Between.
  166. Panphobia.com - with a places section.
  167. <Paper or Plastic?> Defining the Field.
  168. Paul Virilio.
  169. Paul Virilio (Off)line.
  170. Paul Virilio Page.
  171. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection.
  172. Photographic Non-Places (Lisa Anne Chong)
  173. Philosophy and Place lecture (B. Janz)
  174. Place and Placelessness.
  175. Places and Overview of Place Research OFFLINE
  176. Place Matters.
  177. Place References and Links.
  178. Placeless Geography.
  179. Placeless Geography.
  180. Places Online.org - Association of American Geographers information site on places around the world. Limited to info on Los Angeles and area right now.
  181. Planetizen - General planning and development portal.
  182. Platial - The People's Atlas.
  183. Political Geography on the Internet.
  184. Postmodern Spacings.
  185. Postmodernism and Urban Space.
  186. Power, Space, and Borders.
  187. Presence Research.org.
  188. Project for Public Spaces.
    1. Better Buildings Better Spaces.
    2. Public Markets and Local Economies.
    3. Transportation and Livable Communities.
    4. Urban Parks.
  189. Project Utopian.
  190. Psychology of Home and Neighbourhood: Psychological Approaches.
  191. Public History: The Practice of History in the Public Sphere.
  192. Questionnaire on Perceptions of Urban Wilderness.
  193. Regional Gateway.
  194. Relational Architecture.
  195. Renewal.net - guide to what works in neighbourhood renewal.
  196. Representing Space - non-places in advertising.
    1. The Modern Nomad - Allianz & AT&T ads.
  197. Re:Route - A remapping of the city of Torino based on the view of recent migrants.
  198. Research Committee on Housing and the Built Environment (International Sociological Association).
  199. Research Programme in Human Settlement.
  200. Reservation X: The Power of Place.
  201. Resources on Utopias.
  202. Resurrecting Classic Land Use Patterns.
  203. Rolling Rains: Precipitating Dialogue on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design.
  204. Rondo and the Building of I-94 - racial displacement by a highway project.
  205. Routledge International Studies of Women and Place.
  206. Sacred Geography Links.
  207. Sacred Sites: Places of Peace and Power (Martin Gray).
    1. Links page - extensive links to sacred sites.
  208. The Schitsu'umsh - Coeur d'Alene Indians.
  209. Sense of Community Project (Lansing, MI).
  210. Sense of Place.
  211. Sense of Place - BBC.
  212. Sense of Place - how does an artist create a sense of place?
  213. Sense of Place: The University of Idaho 2002-03 Humanities Seminar.
  214. Sense of Place.
  215. Sense of Place - Meanings.
  216. Serendipity: An Online Tool for Mapping Urban Psycho-Geography.
  217. Sites of Memory: Landscapes of Race and Ideology.
  218. Social Life of Cities.
  219. The Sound World of Bosavi (Steven Feld).
  220. Space: Walker Art Gallery (Carl Francis DiSalvo).
  221. Space and Place.
  222. Space and Place in Philosophy and the Humanities.
  223. Space and Place Initiative (Global Affairs Institute, Maxwell School of Syracuse University).
  224. Space and Time in Music (German Academy of Music).
  225. Space and Place - Literary excerpts.
  226. Space, Cognition, and Politics: Thinking and Democracy in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  227. Space, Cultural Studies, and Technology.
  228. Space in Theatre Performance.
  229. Space, Place, and the Virtual University.
  230. Spaceless.com.
  231. Spacemaker Press.
  232. Spatial Analysis Starting Points.
  233. Spatial Cognition Priority Program.
  234. Spatial Culture.
  235. Spatial Intelligence Home Page.
  236. Spatial Reasoning Resources.
  237. Spatial Sound Links.
  238. Spirit of Place Worksheet.
  239. Structure and Meaning in Human Settlements - conference
  240. Survival Guide to Homelessness.
  241. Taken for Granted: The Representation of Space and Place (Sam Appleby).
  242. Telerelating: Explorations of Social Presence and Mixed Realities.
  243. Terra Lingua: Partnerships for Linguistic and Biological Diversity.
  244. Theories of Utopia and Dystopia.
  245. The Third View: A Rephotographic Survey.
  246. Topoi: Geographer's Site About Place.
  247. Transactional and Phenomenological Theories of Place in Environmental Psychology.
  248. Transforming Cultures - research project in Australia that "examines the composition of narratives, their circulation and frequent contestation within public culture."
  249. Transgressive Architecture.
  250. Transparency Now - Simulated Places.
  251. Travel and Travellers - Literary excerpts.
  252. Trésors de la Cartothèque de l'Université Laval.
  253. The Concept of Space - from Embedded: Spaces.
  254. Understanding Place - Thoughts for a high school class.
  255. Unknown Quantity: An Exhibition Conceived by Paul Virilio.
  256. Urban Atmospheres.
  257. Urban Crisis and Place Crisis.
  258. Urban Field Research.
  259. Urban Postmodernism: Space.
    1. Henri Lefebvre: Production of Space.
    2. David Harvey: Compression of time and space.
    3. Edward Soja: Spatialized Ontology and Methodology: Dialetic Materialism of Time and Space.
    4. Foucault: heterotopia.
    5. Doreen Massey: Politics and Space/Time.
    6. Urban Semiotics.
    7. Flaneur and Benjamin on Baudelaire's flaneur, the urban nomads.
    8. The Politics of Location.
  260. Urban and Regional Planning Links (DMOZ).
  261. Urban Residue (Jay Shuffield).
    1. Innovative Urban Planning.
    2. Residual Space and Other Urban Theory.
  262. Urban Studies Resource Website (Seattle University).
  263. Urban Theorists Links (DMOZ).
  264. Urban Winds (Bo Grunland).
  265. US Society and Values: A Sense of Place: Regional American Literature.
  266. Utopias (DMOZ).
  267. Utopia (Yahoo).
  268. Utopia (New York Public Library).
  269. Utopia and Counter-Utopia.
  270. Utopian Studies.
  271. Utopias and Dystopias.
  272. Utopia/Dystopia.
  273. Utopia/Dystopia.
  274. Utopia/Dystopia Internet Links.
  275. Utopia on the Internet.
  276. Utopian Philosophy.
  277. Utopias: Historical and Literary.
  278. Vitruvius.com - Brazilian site on architecture and urbanism.
  279. W.A. Pugsley Collection of Early Canadian Maps (McGill University).
  280. Walking - art exhibition.
  281. Walking In Place.
  282. Walter Benjamin and Flâneurie.
  283. Walter Cristaller and Central Place Theory - excellent resource for the theory, with links and bibliography.
  284. Web Resources on Nature Writing.
  285. Weird US - all sorts of strange places, or stories about places.
  286. What is Chorography?
  287. Wrights and Sites - performance artists.
  288. Woodland Cemetary Thesis/ Serpent Mound Native Burial Grounds (Michael Salisbury).
  289. The World as Home: Dedicated to Literary Writing about Natural World.
  290. World of Maps.
  291. Writing L.A. - Reading L.A. - online video lecture with Aimee Bender, Suzanne Lummis, D.J. Waldie, David Ulin, Chris Abani.
  292. Yale Center for the Study of Globalization - with good links page.
  293. Youth, Sound, and Space.

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