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Place and Space in Religious Studies, Theology, Spirituality

See the "General Bibliography" section below for both clickable on-line papers as well as references to publishers' websites

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  1. Earth Mysteries.
  2. Feng Shui
    1. Feng Shui Ultimate Resource.
    2. Authentic Feng Shui - Thomas Coxon
      1. Feng Shui Resources
    3. Feng Shui Institute
    4. Feng Shui School of Excellence
    5. Alan Stirling
  3. Mysteries Megasite - some sub-pages on holy sites and places
  4. Mysterious Places: Explore Sacred Sites and Ancient Civilizations.
  5. Sacred Geography Links.
  6. Sacred Sites: Places of Peace and Power (Martin Gray)
    1. Links page - extensive links to sacred sites.
  7. Woodland Cemetary Thesis/ Serpent Mound Native Burial Grounds (Michael Salisbury)


  1. Sacred Places Bibliography.
  2. Sacred Space: Resources.

Courses and Programs

  1. Certificate in Science and Spirituality (Union Institute and University) - has a strong component of place studies.
  2. Ecospiritual Literature (Leslie van Gelder)
  3. Foundations of Christian Spirituality (Douglas Burton-Christie) - course focuses on place and spirituality.

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    Judaism & Place

    HaMakom = "The Place" = G-d

    "He [G-d] doesn't have a place, rather He is The Place of the Universe."


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    Der Ort is das Wort
    Der ort und's Wort ist Eins, une wäre nicht der ort
    (bey Ewger Ewigkeit!) es wäre nicht das Wort.

    The Place is the Word
    The place and the word is one, and were the place not
    (of all eternal eternity!) the word would not be.

    Angelus Silesius 1:205

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