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 A Sense of Place

See the "General Bibliography" section below for both clickable on-line papers as well as references to publishers' websites

 Search the "Research on Place and Space" Website

See also: Genius Loci, Spirit of Place

Related terms: rootedness, topophilia, community sentiment, local sentiment, place attachment. There are also entries on the construction of a sense of place in the Cultural Studies, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology sections, and possibly elsewhere as well. Try using the search engine, above.


  1. A Sense of Place
  2. A Sense of Place - BBC
  3. A Sense of Place - how does an artist create a sense of place?
  4. Alice Coles of Bayview - sense of place in rural Virginia
  5. Art & Design: Spirit and Place. Consensus Design.
  6. Building a Sense of Place
  7. Community, Culture and Environment: A Guide to Understanding a Sense of Place
  8. Discovering a Sense of Place (Northwest Earth Institute)
  9. Ecological Restoration and a Sense of Place (Maryland Sea Grant)
  10. E-Podunk.com - with a sense of place page.
  11. Making Sense of Place (Tom Woods) - consulting and planning to help "make sense of the places in our lives."
  12. Sense of Community Project (Lansing, MI)
  13. Sense of Place Project (Arizona-Sonoma Desert Museum)
  14. Sense of Place: The University of Idaho 2002-03 Humanities Seminar.
  15. Sense of Place
  16. Sense of Place - Meanings

On-line Bibliographies

  1. Sense of Place Bibliography
  2. Sense of Place: A Framework for Exploring American Culture(s). Web-Based Bibliography

Courses and Programs

How does one investigate sense of place, without transforming place into either a material, quantifiable object "out there," or a reflection of arbitrary, nebulous subjective emotions?

Ingrid Stefanovic
"On the Waterfront"
Alternatives Journal 28:3

  1. Communicating a Sense of Place (Nancy Cheng)
  2. Discovering a Sense of Place (Northwest Earth Institute)


  1. Conscious Choice
    1. A Sense of Place May 1996

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  1. Place & Community: To subscribe: Send an email to PlaceComm-request@earthsystems.org with "subscribe" in the body


  1. Woods, Tom

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