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Place and Space in Music & Sound, Dance and Theatre

See the "General Bibliography" section below for both clickable on-line papers as well as references to publishers' websites

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  1. Acoustic Ecology Institute
  2. Acoustic Ecology Research Group
  3. Audio and Three Dimensional Sound Links
  4. Music via Motion
  5. Putting Music In Its Place - 15 October 2002
  6. The Sound World of Bosavi (Steven Feld)
  7. Space and Time in Music (German Academy of Music)
  8. Space in Theatre Performance
  9. Spatial Sound Links
  10. World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
  11. World Soundscape Project
  12. Youth, Sound, and Space

On-line Bibliographies

  1. Monkman, Martin. Landscapes in Music: References.
  2. Sound and Space: An Incomplete Bibliography

General Bibliography

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    Music, great and moving music,
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    It needs roots to draw from,
    it needs "story" and "his-story"
    (basically the same word) to nourish it.
    Sometimes, the absence of a place,
    the yearning for it, the exile from it,
    can produce the same

    Wim Wenders, "A Sense of Place"

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