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All Courses, Working Groups and Programs Listed in Research on Place and Space

See the "General Bibliography" section below for both clickable on-line papers as well as references to publishers' websites

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This page collects all the entries in the "Courses and Programs" section of each subject page.


  1. The Axe Handle Academy: A Proposal for a Bioregional Humanities Education
  2. Certificate in Science and Spirituality (Union Institute and University) - has a strong component of place studies.
  3. Environment-Behavior and Place Studies Emphasis - (MA, Kansas State University)
  4. History and Culture of the Metropolis in the 20th Century (Germany, US) - support for Ph.D. work internationally.
  5. Land Place Culture Identity (Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Western Australia)
  6. Modernity, Place and Space (MSc, University College London) - with program prospectus
  7. Politics, Culture and Space (University of Oregon)
  8. Society and Space (MSc, University of Bristol)
  9. Space, Place, and Politics (MA, University of Aberystwyth)
  10. Spatial Culture (MA, Middlesex University)
  11. Texts and Technologies (PhD, English, University of Central Florida)
  12. Transit Spaces (Bauhaus Kolleg)

Working Groups

  1. Space, Place and Landscape Across the Disciplines (U. Michigan)
  2. Spatial Theories/Spatial Practices (UC Berkeley)

Syllabus Collections

  1. ASLE Collection of Syllabi on Environment and Literature - 150 syllabi
  2. H-Environment Course Syllabi
  3. H-Urban Syllabus Archive - many syllabi here

Courses and Syllabi

  1. A Seminar on the Experience of Place and its By-products: Non-place, Placelessness, and Virtual Places (Mahyar Arefi)
  2. American Landscape and a Sense of Place (Burkholder)
  3. American Studies Space and Place (Steven Hoelscher)
  4. American Wilderness Narratives (Sue Ellen Campbell)
  5. American Wilderness Literature and Philosophy (Richard Weibe)
  6. Analysing Space in the "Information Age" (Gillian Fuller & Ross Harley)
  7. Analytic Philosophy of Architecture: A Course (Saul Fisher)
  8. The Archaeology of Space and Place (I.T. Thorpe, E. Scott, C. Gerrard)
  9. The Architectural Event: An Advanced Guide to Reading and Research About Time, Space, and Causality (Dan Bucsescu)
  10. The Architecture of Space: Foundations, Construction, Visualization (Karachi, Pakistan)
  11. British Literature and the Prominence of Place (Betty Ellzey)
  12. British Topographies 1790-1914. (Stephen Finley)
  13. Calling America "Home" - Changing Concepts of Community and Place in American Culture (Karla Armbruster)
  14. Communicating a Sense of Place (Nancy Cheng)
  15. Creative Spirit and the Wild (Leslie van Gelder)
  16. Cultural and Humanistic Geography: Place (Gregory Osborne)
  17. Cultural Production of Space (Michael Uwemedimo, Stephen Clucas)
  18. Culture, Nature and Landscape (Michael Longan, Valparaiso University)
  19. Discovering a Sense of Place (Northwest Earth Institute)
  20. Displacements: A Journey from Petersburg to Los Angeles (Thomas Lahusen)
  21. Domestic Architecture in Islam and the Poetics of Space (Carel Bertram)
  22. Dwelling Places: Identity, Locale, Nationality (S. Finley)
  23. Ecospiritual Literature (Leslie van Gelder)
  24. Environmental Psychology (John Davis)
  25. Environmental Psychology (Chris Jazwinski)
  26. Environmental Psychology (Chris Spencer)
  27. Ethics, Memory, and Place-Making (Gregory Caicco)
  28. Ethnicity and Place (Chin)
  29. Foundations of Christian Spirituality (Douglas Burton-Christie) - course focuses on place and spirituality.
  30. Gender, Sexuality, and the City (Jessica Sewell)
  31. Geography and the Image: Space, Place and the Politics of Aesthetics (Ken MacDonald)
  32. Geography and Nature Writing: Voicing Place (Gary Cummisk)
  33. Globalization and Cultural Difference (Steven Slemon)
  34. History and Philosophy of Geography (Lawrence Berg)
  35. History of Environmental Design (Thompson)
  36. Identity and Place in Contemporary Art (Don Krug)
  37. Interact, Extract, Interpolate: A Psychogeographical Experiment
  38. Interpreting Cultural Space (John McCall)
  39. Introduction to Place Studies (Thomas Dean, Benjamin Hunnicutt, U. Iowa)
  40. Landscape and Poetry (Gifford)
  41. Landscape Ecology (George Hess, Ashton Drew, NC State)
  42. Landscape and Memory (Bruce Janz, Kathleen Bell, UCF) - non-credit course to Italy
  43. Landscape, Place Dwelling (Susan Gillespie)
  44. Landscape Seminar (W. J. T. Mitchell)
  45. Landscape: Theory and Interpretation (Adam Smith)
  46. Les Non-lieux dans la littérature française contemporaine (Alain-Philippe Durand) - with news story.
  47. Literature and the Environment: Representations of Place (Walter Isle)
  48. Literature of American Wilderness (John Knott)
  49. The Literature of Place (William Howarth)
  50. The Literature of the Wild (Jim Crosswhite)
  51. Literature of the Wild (Cheryll Glotfelty)
  52. Literature of Wilderness (David Robertson)
  53. Local/Global Fields of Tension: Conceptions of Space and Place
  54. The Making of the Southern African City
  55. Mapping Identities: The Discourse of Space and the Latin American and Caribbean Essay (Dara Goldman)
  56. Mediating Spaces: Architecture as Media, Media Shaping Architecture (Shannon Mattern) See also here.
  57. Memory and Place (Shelley Hornstein)
  58. Migration and the Politics of Place and Identity. (Li Zhang)
  59. Narratives of/on the Borderland: Rethinking Frontier (Annette Kolodny)
  60. The Nature of American Wilderness Writing (Mikel Vause)
  61. Nature Writing (Ann Woodlief)
  62. Nature Writing and Sense of Place in Florida (Michael Branch)
  63. Qualitative Approaches to Place, Architecture, and Environmental Experience (David Seamon)
  64. Pastoralism and 20th Century British Literature (Jan Haswell)
  65. People, Place and Story (Leslie van Gelder)
  66. Perceptions of Wood and Water in American Literature (Hal Crimmel)
  67. Performance and Place/Space (Sophie Nield)
  68. Philosophy of Architectural Space (Michael Paul Jones)
  69. Philosophy of Geography (C. V. Prorok)
  70. Place and the Environment in American Fiction (Hal Crimmel)
  71. Place and Placelessness in American Life (Susan McWilliams)
  72. Place and Society (Benjamin Forest)
  73. Place and Space
  74. Place, Environment and Society (Henry Yeung and Mark Sherlock)
  75. Place, Identity and the Networked World (Michael Curry)
  76. Place Identity in Digital Production (Malcolm McCullogh)
  77. Place: Nishida (Haver)
  78. Place, Region and Nature (Jan Nijman)
  79. "Placing" Romanticism (Thomas Hothem)
  80. Public Space - graduate seminar
  81. Power and Place (Nancy Langston)
  82. Representations of Place and Space (Bruce Janz)
  83. Rethinking Space
  84. Rhetoric, Culture and Travel (Marguerite Helmers)
  85. Romantic Travellers (David Miall)
  86. Senses of Place in American Literature (William Rossi)
  87. Society, Culture and Place (Susan Hardwick, University of Oregon)
  88. Socio-Cultural Themes in Urban Architecture (Cânâ Bilsel, Güven Arif Sargin, Ela Alanyali)
  89. Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience (Robert Sack, Clarence J. Glacken & John Bascom)
  90. Space, Place and Communication
  91. Space, Place, and Community (Judith Friedman)
  92. Space, Place and Landscape in Contemporary Art (Shannon Mattern) See also here.
  93. Space, Place and Modernity (John Hegglund)
  94. Space, Place, and the Practices of Everyday Life (Jean Lave and Alan Pred)
  95. Space, Place and Travel in Postmodern Literature (Ursula Heise)
  96. Space and Representation (Sally Munt)
  97. Spatial Analysis and Spatial Models (Stuart Sweeney) - includes lecture outlines
  98. The Spatial Configuration of Social Relations (Lori Hanson)
  99. Spirit of Place (Richard Wilkie)
  100. Spirit of Place (Michael Kowalewski)
  101. Spirit of Place in British Literature (John Humma)
  102. Stalking the Spirit of Place: Nature, Wilderness, and the Literary Imagination (John Tallmadge, Fred Taylor)
  103. Themes in Social Thought: Time and Space (Robert Rotenberg)
  104. Urban Space in the Global City (Nitin Deckha)
  105. Utopia (Hoffman)
  106. Utopia: Convention and Change (Tooley)
  107. Utopias and Dystopias: The Quest for the Perfect World (William Matter & Kathy Yates)
  108. Utopias from the Bible to the World Wide Web (John Lenz)
  109. What is City Culture? (Simon Sadler)
  110. Wilderness in American Life (Stan Tag)
  111. Wilderness in Literature (Daniel Martin)
  112. Wilderness Writers (Monica Weiss)
  113. World Issues II: Culture, Territory, and Political Space. (Simon Dalby, Carleton University)
  114. Writing and Place: Widening Circles of Community (David Taylor)
  115. Writers of Place and Self (Donna Mendelson)
  116. Writing About Space and Place (Mark Sample)

Teaching Aids

  1. Geography Standards: The Physical and Human Characteristics of Places

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