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Last Update: 25 January 2005

There are many excellent philosophy WWW pages in existence; there is no reason for me to duplicate these. I will simply list some of the better resources here, and students can feel free to surf. The best portals or link collections to a particular topic are marked with an asterisk (*).

On-line Guides, Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias

Probably the most comprehensive starting place is the Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Suber). Among other things, Suber provides links to all sorts of other guides. Other good guides include:

Other Dictionaries & Encyclopaedias:

For a comprehensive general dictionary, try One-Look Dictionaries.

Other Sites of Interest

Course Resources

For resources on courses taught by B. Janz, go here.

For generally useful links, try the following:

Need a paper topic? Try this site:

Philosophy pages

Here are some link in areas for which I have not already constructed a separate page. I will maintain those pages, rather than add links here. Currently I have separate pages in the following areas:

Here are useful links in other areas:

Analytic Philosophy Pages
Ancient Philosophy Pages


History of Modern Philosophy

Mediaeval Philosophy Pages
Philosophy of Religion Pages
World Philosophy

Philosophy and Other Disciplines

Philosophy constantly interacts with other disciplines. I have listed some philosophically interesting or useful links to some of these other areas below. In some cases (African Studies, Environmentalism, etc.), there may be resource pages connected to courses. You might want to try my courses page or home page for more possibilities.


Political Studies

Social & Natural Sciences


I have listed here some of the better sources for on-line texts. For a complete list, look at Peter Suber's list, mentioned earlier.

Student Philosophy Journals

This contains both undergrad and grad journals. Some of these are linked to Peter Suber's Undergraduate Philosophy Journals, Conferences, and Essay Contests. See also McMaster List of Undergrad Philosophy Journals

Associations, Programs, Departments, Projects

Teaching Philosophy

Careers for Philosophers and Humanities Grads: Links

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B. Janz Home Page

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