Recent Research, Writing, and Conferences

Bruce B. Janz

I've included links here to work that has recently been published, or work that is in various rough versions. There are also links to interviews or lectures. Please don't quote anything that isn't in print without my permission. Right now, the best place to find my papers is at NOTE: Some links have been removed, but may still be available. Check with me, at bruce.janz at

Recent Work

  1. African Philosophy
    1. Philosophy in an African Place - book manuscript, completed and forthcoming with Lexington Books.
    2. Reason and Rationality in Eze's On Reason - Keynote, Spring Colloquium, Rhodes University, SA; South African Journal of Philosophy 27:4 (2008): 296-309.
    3. Emmanuel Eze in memorium - South African Journal of Philosophy 27:4 (2008): 282-284.
    4. The Concept as Object, Mode, and Catalyst in African Philosophy - Keynote Address The Future of African Philosophy, St. Augustine College, Johannesburg, SA, October 2007.
    5. African Philosophy (C. Boundas, ed., Companion to 20th Century Philosophy, Edinburgh University Press & Columbia University Press, 2007).
    6. Questioning Texts: Philosophy-in-Place and Texts Out of Place - Presented at the "Migrating Texts" Conference, Jacques Maritain Society, May 2006. (in press, ed. Richard Feist & William Sweet, Migrating Texts and Traditions)
    7. Jacques Derrida in memorium - extensively revised version ("Derrida 1930-2004, 'Uprooted African Am I'"), co-written with Emmanuel Eze, published in Philosophia Africana, 8:1 (March 2005).
    8. Hermeneutics in Africana Philosophy: Is It Worth The Trouble? - Presented at the Symposium for Africana Cultural Philosophy, UCF, February 2005.
    9. Between the Particular and the Universal: Cultural Inquiry as the Encounter between Anthropology and Philosophy (Polylog 4 2004)

  2. Place Research
    1. "Philosophical Issues in Ethnophysiography" - powerpoint
    2. “Thinking Like a Mountain”: Ethics and Place as Travelling Concepts. Drenthen, Martin, Jozef Keulartz and James Proctor, eds. New Visions of Nature: Complexity and Authenticity. Series: The International Library of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Ethics. New York: Springer, in press (2009).
    3. “Making a Scene and Dwelling in Place: Exhaustion at the Edges of Modes of Place-Making” Textual Studies in Canada. Will Garrett-Petts, Craig Saper & John Craig Freeman, guest eds., 2009. Also in Rhizomes 18 (Winter 2008) Will Garrett-Petts, Craig Saper & John Craig Freeman, guest eds.
    4. The Terror of the Place: Anxieties of Place and the Cultural Narrative of Terrorism. Ethics, Place, and the Environment11:2 (June 2008): 189-201.
    5. Review of Southern Comforts: Rooted in a Florida Place. By Sudye Cauthen. in Florida Historical Quarterly 87:1 (Summer 2008).
    6. Places that Disasters Leave Behind (FACS Literary Journal, 2007)
    7. Artistic Production as Place-Making Imagination: Presented at the International Association for the Study of Environment, Space and Place Conference, Towson University, April 2005.
    8. Walls and Borders: The Range of Place (City and Community 4:1, March 2005)
    9. Whistler's Fog and the Aesthetics of Place (Reconstruction 5:3, Spring 2005)
    10. Philosophy and Place (LIFE@UCF Presentation, March 2004)
    11. Coming to Place (Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology 15:3, fall 2004) journal website, pdf

  3. Culture, Interdisciplinarity, Art, etc.
    1. The Water is Wide: Risking Tears in the Met, and Elsewhere (in press, On the Verge of Tears, eds. David Lavery & Michelle Byers)
    2. Bodies On Display (Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory 7:1 (Winter 2005): 103-114) - review of the exhibit of human bodies at the MOSI in Tampa, 2005-6.
    3. Draft of On Florida Bill 0837 (The "Academic Bill of Rights") (pdf, Word) - interview.
    4. Free Space: Reconsidering Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice, special issue of History of Intellectual Culture 3:1 (2003), co-guest edited with Tamara Seiler.

Selected Older Work

  1. African Philosophy
    1. Debt and Duty: Kant, Derrida, and African Philosophy. (Janus Head GWU Supplemental Issue, 2001.)
    2. The Territory is Not the Map: Place, Deleuze and Guattari, and African Philosophy. (Philosophia Africana 5:1 (March 2002); Philosophy Today 45:4/5 (Winter 2001): 388-400.)
    3. Review of Achille Mbembe, On the Postcolony (H-Africa Review, March 2002).
    4. Universities in Times of National Crisis: The Cases of Rwanda and Burundi (in Malinda Smith, ed. Globalizing Africa. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, 2003: 465-482.)

  2. Culture, Interdisciplinarity, etc.
    1. Transdisciplinarity as a Model of Post/Disciplinarity (CIRLA Conference, The Post/Disciplinary University, May 1998)

Conference & Symposium Planning and Organizing

  1. Symposium in Africana Cultural Philosophy (UCF, February 26, 2005)
  2. Sacred Texts, Sacred Film (April 2005)
  3. Symposium: Divine Revolution in Context: The Art of Eduard Duval-Carrie (UCF and OMA, September 2006)
  4. Heresy, Blasphemy, and Freedom of Expression (UCF, January 2007)
  5. Flickering Landscapes: Cinematic Representations of the West (Moab, Utah, 17-18 May 2007)

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