John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul: The Secret Ladder

John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul, 167-175

Note that each step "causes" something to happen

1. Sickness (soul languishes)
2. Recovery (Seek God without ceasing)

3. Soul is worthless. (causes soul to work and gives fervour)
4. Soul is detached from every creature. (habitual suffering)
5. Soul is nourished with love. (desire and long for God impatiently -- hunger

6. Charity is enlarged. (Runs without fainting -- hope)
7. Soul is irrationally bold. (Vehement in boldness)
8. Boldness is rewarded, but not perpetually. (Seize him and hold fast)
9. Union with God. (Soul to burn in sweetness)

10. Go out of the flesh (assimilation in God)