Reading Questions for Eckhart, The Talks of Instruction

  1. What is obedience? How do we know if we are being obedient?
  2. What is "detachment"? How does it relate to earlier mystics' versions of purgation?
  3. How does Eckhart characterize the will?
  4. How does Eckhart's discussion of sin compare to what Julian said about sin?
  5. What is repentence and penance?
  6. Eckhart talks about freedom in several places. What does he say about it?


On the Noble Man

  1. In both the Talks of Instruction and On the Noble Man, Eckhart distinguishes between the inner and outer. What does he mean by this? What are each of these like?
  2. In both texts, he talks about the "ground" of the soul. What does he say about them?
  3. When is the soul "noble"?