How to Take a Quiz

Quizzes (at least in my classes) are not exams. They are not intended to have you demonstrate your ability to think through the material in an original or creative way. They are simply to see whether you have understood material, whether that is written or presented material. Quizzes require short answers. They are usually time-limited.

1. Have a plan before you come to the exam. You know the material which you will be quizzed on - make sure to read it properly. Look at "How to Read a Textbook" for help on that.

2. Look at all the questions. Write numbers on your page, leaving a few lines for each question

3. Answer the easy questions first. The easy ones are the questions you know the answer to right away.

4. For the questions you can't answer immediately, stay calm and think about where you might have seen the name, concept, or event before. A partial answer is better than no answer.

5. Make sure to include your name, your student number, and the class the quiz is for.