Definitions & Quotations of Technology

a) "Techne" -- art, or skill; "logy" -- the study of. (etymology)

b) Websters: 2a: applied science
b: a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose
3: The totality of means employed to provide objects necessary for human sustenance and comfort.

c) Machines, especially shiny ones. (the person on the street's definition)

d) National Academy of Sciences: A system of interrelated innovations, some technical and some social, which comprise some sort of coherent nexus pertaining to the systematic manipulation of the environment.

e) "La Technique": The rationality and efficiency expressed in modern modes of organization and patterns of interpersonal relationships -- it is a set of guiding values.

f) "Technocracy": "Systems of rationalized control over large groups of men, events, and machines by small groups of technically skilled men operating through organizational hierarchy.

g) Technology is "all those means by which the will manifests itself". This implies that individuals are the driving force behind technology. And, to change technology, you must change people and their values.

h) Those activities and their results directed to the satisfaction of human needs that produce alterations in the material world.

i) Whether or not it draws on new scientific research, technology is a branch of moral philosophy, not of science. It aims at prudent goods for the commonwealth and to provide efficient means for these goods.

j) If it can be done it will be done. Efficiency requires it.

k) Man is a tool-making animal. (Benjamin Franklin)