Who am I?

Here are 20 answers to the question, "Who Am I?" But behind these answers are other questions: Who am I to whom? For what purpose? In what context?

You might note, rightly, that these don't necessarily get at who I actually am. Do these things allow you to predict what I might do at a particular time? Perhaps in part, but there's not guarantee. In other words, even with these 20 answers to the question, we have not yet reached me.

Maybe that's why, when we want to "get to know" someone, we mean two things by that - finding out facts about them (such as the ones below), and spending time with them, seeing what presents itself in the course of life.

1. Bruce B. Janz (name)

2. Associate Professor of Humanities (job)

3. Son of Jake & Elaine, brother to 2 sisters. (relations)

4. Philosopher (vocation)

5. Mennonite in heritage (religious & ethnic heritage)

6. Resident of Colbourn Hall 411F, and also my home, and also Orlando Florida. (place of residence)

7. Canadian (nationality)

8. New Democrat (political belief)

9. Christian (religious belief)

10. African philosopher, philosopher of mysticism, hermeneuticist (areas of research and interest)

11. Combination of water, certain chemicals in a self-sustaining manner (composition)

12. Male (gender)

13. Someone who wants to retire to a tropical island and swim, drink rum, and write books. (goal)

14. janzb@mail.ucf.edu; http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~janzb/ (internet identity)

15. An owner of a specific set of possessions, and a shopper at specific stores. (consumer identity)

16. 6 feet tall (physical identity)

17. White (racial identity)

18. Collector of books; traveller; musician (interests)

19. Middle class (economic status)

20. Holder of a PhD in philosophy from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. (professional qualification)