Who Are You? Identity Ordering

Put the following terms in the order that you consider most to least important. Note: I don't really care what you specifically say to any of these (e.g., what religious belief you ascribe to), but rather the relative importance you give it compared to other ways of determining identity.

  1. Gender (e.g., male, female)
  2. City you are from (e.g., Orlando)
  3. State/Province you are from (e.g., Florida)
  4. Country of citizenship (e.g., US)
  5. Continent (e.g., North American)
  6. Race (e.g., Asian)
  7. Passion (e.g., runner, skiier)
  8. Political/Social Belief (e.g., feminist, conservative, environmentalist)
  9. Religious Belief (e.g., Christian, or be more specific, if it is significant, e.g., Baptist)
  10. Job/vocation (e.g., lawyer, business person)