The Enlightenment

1. Humanism: Humans have the capability to know or do anything.

Deism: God started things up, and then went away. God is not needed to explain the natural world.

Reason and Science: Common sense sharpened by training.
a. Rationalism
b. Empiricism

4. Cosmopolitanism: Travel
a. Politeness: Civility in conversation
b. Tolerance: All views get equal time
c. Breadth: Experience is the best teacher
d. Taste: Learning to make good judgments

5. Nature: The Good, and the thing to be controlled.

6. Progress: Every day in every way we are getting better and better.
a. Scientific Progress
b. Technological Progress
c. Moral & Social Progress

7. Freedom: Understood as the ability to recognize and exercise one's will through reason. The extent to which this freedom is curtailed, is the extent to which enlightenment has not yet been reached.

8. Social Contract: We make agreements on how we should be governed.