Buber: Passages to Talk About

References are to Martin Buber, I and Thou, trans. Walter Kaufmann. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1970.

The object of the game: To explain what Buber is talking about in the passage assigned to your group. Try to define the central term (if there is one) in the passage. You should also try to think of an example that might illustrate what he is saying. You may have to refer to a section before or after, to give context.

Group 1: 55-56

Group 5: 92-94

Group 2: 56-61 (149ff)

Group 6: 100-107

Group 3: 69-73

Group 7: 111-117

Group 4: 53-54, 82-85

Group 8: 120-122