Starting Points on Place

1. Did you go through one of the hurricanes in the past few years? Have you been through any other disasters? Did it make you rethink the places in which you live? Did you have to deal with those places differently? How were the events represented in the media or the public?

2. What makes a classroom a classroom? How do you know what you ought to do in a classroom?

3. What is "the West"? What's included in the West? What does it mean to be Western, or from the West?

4. Think of a place you know that has different meaning for different people. How is it different, and why do you think that is?

5. Can you think of a place that was once not a place? Can you think of something that once was a place but is now not one?

6. Can you think of different ways we represent place? How do those ways differ?

7. Are places connected with emotions for you? Are there places you like or don't like, places that scare you or comfort you? How do they do these things?

8. How do we assert ownership or influence over places?