Representing the Rose 3

But maybe it isn't the fragility of the rose that we want to highlight. We might decide that it is not the ephemeral nature of the rose that is important, but some more permanent aspect. A proper imitation should show what is eternal about the rose, not what changes or fades.

But what is that? Visually, we might think that nothing is permanent about a rose. On the other hand, we might suppose that the rose in all its glory, in full bloom, endures. The true rose is the rose at its best, the rose being the best a rose can be.

So, we imitate the rose that is the standard of all roses, the rose that any particular rose aspires to

In fact, if we are doing this, we should acknowledge that no particular rose in the history of the world has lived up to the ideal of the perfect rose in every respect. So, our image of the perfect rose must not look like any actual rose at all, but must bring to mind that perfect, enduring rose somehow.