• to exhibit the image of
  • to use, or serve, as a symbol for
  • to exhibit, depict, personate, show an image of, by imitative art
  • to act
  • to be a substitute, agent, deputy, member of parliament, or the like, for
  • to correspond or be in some way equivalent or analogous to
  • to serve as a sample of
  • to present earnestly to mind
  • to give out, make to appear, allege (that)


  • act, state, or fact of representing or being represented
  • that which represents
  • an image
  • picture
  • dramatic performance
  • a mental image
  • a presentation of a view of facts or arguments
  • a petition, remonstrance, expostulation
  • assumption of succession by an heir
  • a body of representatives

(Chambers Twentieth- Century Dictionary)

Terms Related to "Representation"

  • Mimesis (mimicking)

  • Imitation
  • Image
  • Mirroring
  • Resemblance
  • repraesentatio ... praessens: "to be before" or "to be in front of"