Sense of Place

Identify at least two places that you have a strong positive attachment or attraction to, and at least two that you have a negative attachment or attraction to. Try not to choose examples that have a strong connection because of something specific or identifiable that happens there (e.g., having negative attachment to the dentist's office because the dentist causes you pain). Choose places that "feel right" or "don't feel right".

Once you have identified these places, try to determine what kind of story the places are telling. In other words, if a vacant lot beside your house is a place to be avoided, what is it about that place that cues your fear or antipathy?

If you can determine the kind of story that is at work, go a step further. Who are you in that story? Back to the vacant lot: Are you threatened by it? What if that lot is a place of positive feeling? Are you an explorer of the unknown there?

The fundamental question here is this: How do our places become stories that have our identities at stake?