Geomancy is the belief in physical or metaphysical powers associated with particular places. It has a number of practices and manifestations associated with it, including Feng Shui and dowsing. Geomancy can range from simply believing that people are "tuned in" to specific properties of places in ways not easily measurable (for example, some dowsers do not claim anything supernatural, but just think we have access to physical properties in ways we don't yet understand), to believing that there are supernatural forces connected with places that we are aware of.

An entire mythology of ancient and powerful places has built up around the idea that there are lines of power, "ley lines", connecting places together. There is a kind of romanticism here - the distant past is seen as more attuned to the "real" or the natural "good", which has been lost in contemporary society. Some of these beliefs position themselves against Christianity, or organized monotheism in general, believing that those faiths led us away from this natural purity or goodness. So, it is not uncommon to find geomancy linked on the one hand to pagan or animistic beliefs, or on the other to Eastern religions such as Taoism.

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