Examples of Metanarratives: Science

In the modern age, any grand theory worth its salt must do all these things. For example, science has been appropriated by the modern age as one kind of metanarrative:

a) It has the pretension of explaining everything in terms of a relatively few axioms and laws (which themselves can be shown to be rational);

b) it is based on the optimism of the rational self being able to understand the world;

c) it legitimates certain kinds of knowledge and marginalizes other kinds (only hypotheses that can be empirically verified count);

d) it is abstract. Even though there is lots of empirical investigation, the point is to come to general rules which do not say anything about a particular case, or about how any particular person should act.

e) it is emancipatory. It tells us how the world can be made better through the advances. Just look at the optimism of Star Trek.