Life According To . . .

Directions: Imagine you are an extra-terrestrial being just arrived on earth. Naturally, the first thing you do is to watch television. On the basis of the program(s) or commercials you have just seen, describe life on earth by filling in this worksheet. Make sure you include the commercials in your study. BE SPECIFIC in your descriptions - don't just work from television shows you have seen in the past. Under "Other", write in anything not mentioned above that your program told you about life in the modern age on earth.

Your (human) name:
Program(s) & commercials watched:

What the Program Says About:

1. What kinds of goods are available?  
2. What types of technology are people are assumed to have?  
3. What types of technology should people have?  
4. What will happen if people don't have this technology?  
5. What is the Vision of the future? What is progress?  
6. Relationships between:
kids and parents
police and . . .
kids and friends
men and women
7. What amount of money are people assumed to have?  
8. How do you think the technology of television affects the picture of life shown?  
9. How do technology, economics, and politics relate to each other?  
10. How does television contribute to the "modern" view of the world? (as an alien, you might not know this, but assume you are able to move backward and forward in time.)  
11. Other observations?