Questions for Blade Runner


1. What is a replicant?

2. What are the recurring images in the film? Particularly, where are the following used and what do you think they refer to?

3. What is the relationship between creators and creations?

4. Do you think Deckert is a replicant? Why?

5. Can you identify any literary allusions?


1. What is the film maker trying to say about technology? How is it portrayed here?

2. What is the film maker saying about being human? What is the relationship between humans and technology?

3. What religion content and parallels do you see?

4. Is the idea of creating a "perfect" version of ourselves an outcome of the modern understanding of the world?

5. Would you consider the world portrayed in Blade Runner to be modern? If so, why?

6. What is the visual style of the film? How does it work to support the story, the characterization, and the meaning of the film?

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