What is necessary for a democracy to emerge, exist, and thrive?

As we look at Athens, we see a place which is very different from the present day US. They had "direct democracy" rather than representative democracy - you were simply chosen to be on the ruling council, and the positions rotated.

Which of the following do you think are necessary for a democracy to emerge, exist and thrive, and why?

  • Peace
  • Artistic and cultural achievement
  • Artistic and cultural freedom
  • Great buildings
  • Public space
  • An urban setting
  • Freedom of expression
  • A free and vigorous press
  • Strong religious/moral beliefs
  • Cultural diversity
  • A highly educated population
  • Equality of all individuals
  • Equality between significant groups
  • Capitalism
  • Common language and customs
  • Shared stories about the past
  • Common religious beliefs
  • Strong leadership
  • Separation of powers (e.g., administrative, judicial, executive)
  • Limited power (e.g., term limits)
  • Leaders subject to the laws of the land
  • Representation