1. So Joan Didion can afford the luxury of intellectualizing the Women's Movement...I can't. My reaction to her article is pure, gutsy anger. "Litany of trivia" she writes. "Not revolution but romance". Miss Didion, may your next review for the Times be written while one diaper needs changing, one grilled cheese needs tending, and a lasagna needs to be made for company dinner. Baby, that's how I'm writing this letter...

2. Joe Smith has been convicted of perjury, fraud, and slander. Now he writes this column asking, among other things, that we take him at his word. Would you buy a used car from this man?

3. If you think advertising is a bunch of baloney, why are you reading this ad? You read to learn. Reading brings new ideas and thoughts into your life. It opens up a whole new world. That's what advertising does. It communicates information from one source to another. Advertising gives you the opportunity to make up your own mind by familiarizing you with a product. that's why advertising is a freedom. The freedom to know quality and what is available. You read and listen to advertising to obtain information. Information on just about anything. Including the price of baloney.

4. The pyramids of ancient Egypt were built with the assistance of creatures from outer space. Therefore, there has been at least one extraterrestrial civilization that was advanced enough to send some of its members to visit our earth.


1. a) Jones has appendicitis, gout, and cancer of the bladder. We can therefore assume that Jones is not fit to run the Boston Marathon.
b) In May 1981, the interest rate in Canada was more than 18%. It is clear that banks in Canada were earning a good return on the money they loaned.

2. Nearly every arms race that has occurred in human history has led to a war between the countries that were involved in that arms race. The nuclear arms race is, after all, an arms race, and we cannot be so sure that it will be different from the rest. In fact, all we can go on is the past, and if the past is a guide, a nuclear arms race will be followed by a war in which nuclear weapons are used.

3. It is clear that we should have equal pay for work of equal value. While determining what "equal value" means may be tough, we must value everyone's contribution to society equally. Fairness demands it; justice demands it; humanity demands it.

4. It is a mere cliche to say that we cannot trust the Russians.
i) It is a mere common saying that the Russians are not trustworthy.
ii) It is false to say that the Russians are not trustworthy.
iii) The Russians are just as reliable as the British.

5. So the anti-abortionists (more like "anti-freedom-of-womenists") are bleating again. When will they learn that their crusade against women's rights is bound to fail, because women just won't be held down any longer?

6. [In response to Arthur Hailey's depiction of Windsor in Wheels] When I read this I was incensed...Those of us who live there know that Windsor is not a grimy city. It is a city that has one of the best flower gardens in Canada. It is a city of fine schools, hard-working and tolerant people.

7. To say that punishment does not always cause psychic damage is to evade the issue, for we do not know what reaction the punishment will cause in the individual in later years.

8. We do not know what causes AIDS. Thus AIDS may be caused by something airborne, and people who have AIDS should be isolated from the population at large.


1. After hearing those advertisements from Participaction for the last couple of years, I thought that when I joined a large recreation centre in North York, the place would be packed! Hah! How come out of all the people who could visit, there were only eight people there the other night? Seems to me that most Americans are just too lazy for their own good.

2. It is obvious that running is no good for a person. It leads to injuries due to the constant pounding of bone against pavement. Podiatrists must have a field day with the so-called health nuts.

3. Of course Elvis is still alive. Just look at all the people who have seen him!

4. We arrived at the park gate at 7:25 p.m., at which time the cashier gleefully took money for admission. Upon entering the zoo and walking across the bridge, the loudspeaker was stating that the zoo buildings were closing at 8:00 p.m. We asked if we would not get a pass for the following day. The answer was no.
In summary it is easy to see that San Diego is anything but a friendly city but rather is out to rake off the tourist for all they can.