Spring 2007 Research Presentations

The syllabus says this about the presentations:

These presentations will be in small groups of about 5 people, as organized by me. Each student will present the research for the final paper to the group, and the others will make suggestions for improvement in the research and the reasoning. Students will be graded on a combination of their presentations (notes will have to be handed in to me) and their suggestions. Students will also grade each other on their presentations as part of their suggestions.

IMPORTANT: The groups (of 4, not 5) will be selected by me on Friday, April 13 - anyone not in class on that day will not be put into a group, and will therefore forfeit the grade for the presentation. The presentation days will be Monday April 16 and Wednesday April 18.

Each group will do 2 presentations on each of those two days. The presentations will be done for the other members of the group, not for the whole class (that would take far more time than we have available). Each person will have 20 minutes to present the basic argument of their paper to the rest of the group. 10 minutes of that time can be used by the person presenting, and the other 10 can be used for questions from the others.

The presentations should outline the central argument of the paper. You should keep the following questions in mind as you prepare your presentation:

Reviewers should listen critically to the presentation. That doesn't mean that your job is to tear it apart, but rather to test the ideas and structure to see if it holds up. You don't help the presenter at all by just saying that the presentation is fine - even good arguments can use constructive suggestions. The review you do of the presentations should address the following questions:

What I need from each group at the end of class on Monday and Wednesday (without these, I can't assign grades):

I will return the comments to each person who did a presentation in the class following the presentation. The final paper is due on Monday, April 24.