Creative Dynamics in Tourism Research

Dynamic 1: Tourism as an Agent of Seeing

Not the quest for the authentic, but the means by which people, places, and pasts are seen and imagined in all sorts of original and feigned guises.


Dynamic 2: Tourism as an Agent of Being

Not the quest for the trivial, but a educative and self-formative realm of spiritual and creative significance, which helps cultivate and mobilize the culturally meaningful self.


Dynamic 3: Tourism as an Agent of Experience

Not the quest for the superficial and unchallenging, but an important neurasthenic moment through which contemporary citizens can defend themselves against the surrounding overstimulation of urban-industrial/cosmopolitan life.


Dynamic 4: Tourism as an Agent of Cultural Invention

Not the quest for that which is unreal, escapist and without routine responsibility, but that which constitutes a whole spectrum of conditionsn of new spatial and relational possibilities in and of life.


Dynamic 5: Tourism as an Agent of Knowing

Not the quest for regenerative but largely physical endeavor, but highly reconstructive practices that not only regenerate the physical body but also the social body by helping to cultivate all manners of traditional or "interfused" normative orders.


from T. Jamal & K. Hollinshead, "Tourism & the Forbidden Zone", Tourism Management 22 (2001): 63-82.