Week 4: Urban and "Developed" Space

  1. Place Room 1
  2. Janz, Bruce. “Making a Scene and Dwelling in Place: Exhaustion at the Edges of Modes of Place-Making” Textual Studies in Canada. Will Garrett-Petts, Craig Saper & John Craig Freeman, guest eds., 2009. Also in Rhizomes 18 (Winter 2008) Will Garrett-Petts, Craig Saper & John Craig Freeman, guest eds.
  3. Allman, T. D. “The Theme-Parking, Megachurching, Franchising, Exurbing, McMansioning of American: How Walt Disney Changed Everything,”National Geographic 211:3 (March 2007): 96-115.




How to be a scene kid

How to be Emo


The Urban and Art

Gordon Matta-Clark

Matta Clark - Conical Section

Matta-Clark - recreation of Open House 1972

Matta-Clark - Future Dwelling

Matta-Clark - Splitting

Richard Wilson


The Gates

Wrapped Reichstag

Running Fence



Place/Space, Planning and Architecture

Peter Eisenman on Architecture

Robert Venturi Interview

Pruitt Igoe 1968 - news reports

Saving Lieb House Trailer - Venturi