Week 12: Virtual & Augmented Space

  1. Place Room 3
  2. Herrington 6
  3. *Driskell, Robyn & Larry Lyon, “Are Virtual Communities True Communities? Examining the Environments and Elements of Community,” City & Community 1:4 (December 2002): 373-390.
  4. Adams, Paul, "Cyberspace and Virtual Places," The Geographical Review 87:2 (April 1997): 155-71.

Virtual, Augmented, Ideal Places

The Virtual As Place

Augmenting Reality, The Interface Between the Real and the Virtual

Minority Report computer interactivity

12 Best Kinect Hacks

Pranav Mistry - TED Talk (~14 minutes)

Pranav Mistry - Sixth Sense demo

Pattie Maes & Sixth Sense

Sherry Turkle, "Connected, But Alone?" TED Talk

Blaise Aguera y Arcas Demo - Augmented Reality Maps, Microsoft

Attack of the Show - Best Augmented Reality Apps

The Uncanny Valley


The Uncanny Valley (MIT Tech TV)


Representations of the Virtual as Place and Space