Week 11: Non-Place & Pathologies of Place

  1. Place Room 8
  2. Herrington 5
  3. Merriman, Peter, “Driving Places: Marc Augé, Non-Places, and the Geographies of England’s M1 Motorway,” Theory Culture Society 21:4/5 (2004): 145-167.
  4. Janz, Bruce, "The Terror of the Place: Anxieties of Place and the Cultural Narrative of Terrorism," Ethics, Place & Environment 11:2 (June 2008): 191-203.

Concepts in This Course


Pathologies of Place

Modern Utopias and Dystopias

Thomas More - Utopia

Francis Bacon - New Atlantis

Henri Claude de Saint-Simon

Robert Owen

Charles Fourier

Karl Marx

20th Century and Future Utopianism and Dystopianism