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There are many African studies pages currently on the WWW. This one starts from African philosophy, and organizes other useful resources to support this area of research. African philosophy is a field in development, and there is not always agreement on what should be included. That ambiguity is unapologetically evident on this page. I am taking my cue from a body of literature and discussion among academic philosophers, but this does not necessarily mean that what has not yet caught the attention of academics is not philosophically interesting. As well, you may notice that I include philosophy which focusses on Africa, philosophy done in Africa, and philosophy that is part of the traditional conversation among African philosophers. The African philosophical community has not managed to distinguish between these, or finally rule out any of them, and I will not either. The important thing is to further conversation among and between African philosophers, and the academic world in general. So, I hope you find something useful on this page, to further this goal.

In some cases, I have made entries without having URLs to link to. This is as much a wish-list as anything, and hopefully eventually all wishes will be granted. If you can help with the content of this list, please get in touch with me at the mailing address below or at the bottom of the page.

Bruce B. Janz
Latest Update: 15 December 2004

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